The 15th anniversary of the independence day of the Republic of Somaliland at the Senate, Paris


Somaliland Heritage in partnership with the Association of Somalilanders of France has welcomed at the French Senate for the celebration of the Independence day of Somaliland, media, scholars, politicians thanks to the Senator Piras. SAR Prince Sixte-Henri de Bourbon Parme and Henri Senghor (former Ambassador for Senegal) honoured the invitation. Dr Ahmed H.Esa and other Somaliland compatriots have supervised the dinner in order to facilitate dialogues and increase awareness. The tables were given names of citiesi-e Hargeisa, Berbera, Borama to familiarise with geography.

Safia Otokore originally from Somaliland, Deputee for the Parti Socialiste (PS) has responded to the invitation.

The media participants such as Le Figaro, France 2, Beur Fm, Le devoir Africain, Le Parisien, Les Nouvelles d'Addis have taken the opportunity to interview the Somaliland representative of Belgium, Mohamoud Da'Ar.

Maryan Ibrahim Abdi, president of Somaliland Heritage, gave a speech with a focus on responsability and universality towards the protection of Somaliland heritage not for Somaliland but for the entire world . Abdourahman Yassin, president of ASLF encourages more actions and collaborations French and Somaliland ONGs with a focus on education, health and economic development.

This event has contributed to the awareness of Somaliland existence . The activism and the coordination of Somalilanders have sensibilized a great number of paticipants. It is likely that the actions entreprised in France would lead to a better knowledge of the state of Somaliland and increase its visibility. The event was a great step in the effort of recognition. France may or may not be the first country to recognise, however it is a strategic political scene to launch the campaign for recognition. A more cultural event would soon follow the independence day party, the location is yet to be confirmed.

Somaliland Heritage in partnership with the Association of Somalilanders of France have reuinited media, politician, friends of Somaliland to share the situation of Somaliland, a country still unrecognised.

Collaborations have started with the journalists.  Radio France International (RFI) reported the event the morning after.

Jeune Afrique published a grand reportage on Somaliland after the event.  Somaliland Heritage aims at preventing the deterioration of Somaliland heritage and urges to a rapid intervention in order to protect this archaelogical treasure.

Jamila Mimouni (France 2 ) Dr Ahmed H. Isa
Maryan I-Abdi (Somaliland Heritage)
Awil Herci, Henri A. Senghor