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NBC News:An oasis of stability in East Africa Does Colin Powell have the courage to save Somaliland?
Dr. Bob Arnot 2001
Lord Avebury:  Do the Government not think that Somaliland deserves rewarding in some way for being an oasis of stability and peace in the region which has recently demonstrated its commitment to democracy in holding successful parliamentary elections?
Put Somaliland on the Map says MP Kerry McCarthy, Bristol East
Bristol Mp Kerry McCarthy is calling on the Government to recognise the Republic of Somaliland after intensive lobbying from community leaders in the city. Ms McCarthy wants ministers to champion the case of the self-declared republic on the world stage and increase aid to its impoverished population.
The UNPO is pleased to announce that six new members have been admitted to the Organization: the Oromo, Southern Cameroons, Buffalo River Dene Nation, Maasai, Nahuas del Alto Balsas and Somaliland. The UNPO welcomes these new members and looks forward to their active role within the Organization.
The Case for Unitary Government’:Ladies and Gentlemen, it is sufficient for me to re-assert that Somaliland's Unitary Government can be considered a miracle and a rare African success story that need to be given full credit. Undermining the achievements of Somaliland sadly would also undermine the goals of NEPAD that are the promote peace, stability and good governance in Africa.
Independent Diplomat (ID) is supporting the government of Somaliland - an unsung home-grown democracy in one of the poorest and most troubled regions of Africa - with the development of its diplomacy. 
The Somaliland Policy and Reconstruction Institute (SOPRI) announces the second Somaliland Convention. This year’s convention will be held in the Metropolitan Washington DC area on September 8-10, 2006.
Iqbal Jhazbhay chastises African Commission for ignoring Somaliland and Western-Saharan issues
Somaliland Forum's New Website
Somaliland: The Israel in the Horn of Africa
Somaliland can benefit from the strategies that have helped the State of Israel to prevail against enormous challenges over the past few decades: the constant security threat from neighbors, terrorism against innocent civilians, lack of diplomatic relations with many nations..
Somaliland an African Succes Story: Undermining Somaliland sadly also undermines the goals of promoting poverty alleviation, peace, stability, and good governance in Africa. Failure to recognise Somaliland would be a great discredit to human rights and to democracy itself, and would destroy the hard-won stability that Somaliland enjoys today.
While world attention is focused on stabilizing Mogadicio, Somaliland commonly referred to as “ Africa’s best kept secret” is taking long strides not only in establishing good relations with its neighbours but in forging ahead with the democratization process. Parliamentary elections, the first in the history of this new entity since, it reclaimed its independence in 1991”, are scheduled to take place in mid September 2005. In this edition, we take a look at one of the “unrecognized countries” in the world.
Pictures of Somaliland Elections: Inside Somaliland  HalgaNews Hargeysa News     Song  for Somaliland in Somali
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National Electoral Commission
Press Release: CIIR to observe elections in Somaliland

Somaliland Pushes for International Recognition:
As foreign minister Edna Adan Ismail sees it, Somaliland meets all the criteria of being an independent nation. She refers to the self-declared republic as an "island of peace and stability in the Horn of Africa," a model for other African countries to follow

Media statement on the South African Observer Mission to Somaliland Parliamentary elections
25 Sept. 2005= HARGEISA--The South African Observer Mission expressed its gratitude to Somaliland National Electoral Commission for inviting it to observe this historic 2005 Somaliland Parliamentary Elections due to be held on 29 Sept. 2005. In a statement at arrival, the Mission said that its ...
September 24, 2005

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Inside Somaliland 
By Iyvette Lopez
Connecting Virtual Communities through ICT

The Flag of the Word
Timothy Goddard: Does Somaliland Exist?

African Renaissance Centre for Social Research Media and Development (ARECSMED)

Africa O5 in Somaliland

Radio Netherlands, Good Life, A Portrait of Somaliland, The Country That Wants to Be
With the recent clashes around the borders of Somaliland and Puntland, is the horn of Africa under threat?
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British Somaliland Protectorate History:

Correcting mutual historical mistakes
World War II:Remembrance Day function in Somaliland
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UK Somaliland Sea Men
A General Surveyof the Somaliland Protectorate 1944 - 1950
Why Recognition of Somaliland is Over Due:
Facts About Somaliland
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AmnestyInternational   Report on Somaliland

Horn Africa Policies Against Somaliland:
Egypt’s Horn of Africa Policy Backfires, By Somaliland Times

Somaliland’s Health Care System Needs Special Attention!,Eng: Abdirizak M. Farah
(Mental Ill Facilities)

Somaliland Youth and Development Association

Recommendations for International Donors & NGOs, Governments, US Government and UN (downloadable pdf file)

Somaliland: Independent or Not?

USAID Official Says Somaliland Is A Good Place For Investment

Interview With Andrew B. Sisson, USAID’s Regional Director for east and southern Africa

  SOMALILAND Africa’s best kept secret, A challenge to the international community?  IQBAL JHAZBHAY
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Somaliland:  Democratisation and Its Discontents  
EU Breaks Ice on Financing Somaliland
Why recognise Somaliland?
Why the West does Not recognise Somaliland
Canadian official urges Somaliland to step up efforts for international recognition

IRI in Somaliland
Renewed Push for Recognition of Somaliland
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Somaliland Will Be Recognized by Bashir Goth, UNP:
with its brilliant record in building government institutions and maintaining peace and stability with a unique blend of traditional conflict resolving methods and modern democracy, Somaliland has won international admiration as Africa's Best Kept Secret.
Coping with Humpty Dumpty by J.Peter Pham:
My point is that U.S. interests in the critical regions like the Horn of Africa require security and stability, neither of which will be achieved by shoring up inherently illegitimate and, in fact, destabilizing regimes constructed at some international conference center. If one seeks the domestication into international society of the former Somalia, recognize well-deserving (and de facto independent) Somaliland....
WHY SOMALILAND BROKE AWAY ? ( A Window Somaliland History ) by Aniis Abdillahi Essa, Somaliland Advocacy Group

This treaty shall come into operation upon the first day of February one, thousand eight hundred and eighty six - 01.02. 1886. ( elders of Somalilander inserted here and Signed F.H. Hunter, Major), political agent, Somaliland coast.
Somalia May Save the War on Terrorism By J. Peter Pham:
As I have repeatedly argued (see, for example, my July 20, 2006, column), the northwestern Republic of Somaliland has not only avoided the maelstrom that has swept the rest of the territory, but it is democratic, economically and politically viable, and strategically important—and for all these reasons deserves international recognition. As for the rest of the former Somali Democratic Republic, it would be far less a threat to outsiders and far more legitimate to its inhabitants if its component parts were allowed to each go their own separate ways rather than have the international community impose an utterly artificial “national authority” on it.
Somaliland rallies call for immediate recognition:
Jan 22 2007 - HARGEISA, Somaliland- Rallies throughout the republic of Somaliland took place on last week calling for an immediate recognition of the Horn of Africa nation by the international community and nations of the African Union.
Somaliland: a window to the future A formal recognition of the self-declared independent state of Somaliland in the Horn of Africa would be just in principle and a boon to the region and the continent, says Jawahir Adam.
Let's celebrate green-thinking businesses, says Mayor By Stephen Bailey. Clr Dirir: "My husband Alin comes from Somaliland, in east Africa, where climate change is already happening. The desert is encroaching on the country, the waterholes are drying up and the cattle is dying."
The threats of the Islamists should not sidetrack Somaliland
The leaders of the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) have stepped up their threats to Somaliland, accusing it of being politically un-Islamic. However, these threats lack substance, lean on weak assumptions and don’t take into account of the realities on the ground in Somaliland.
Unisa’ College of Humanities academic, Iqbal Jhazbhay, delivered recently the keynote address at the Washington Conference on Somaliland (8 September 2006) Convened by the Somaliland Policy and Reconstruction Institute, a US-based Somaliland diaspora umbrella organisation, Jhazbhay’s opening presentation examined creative ways of consolidating the evolving African agenda within Somaliland and the Horn of Africa.(pdf)


Welcome to the new website of Academy for Peace and Development in Somaliland, many thanks.

Please welcome to the website of Somaliland Law, many thanks.
Somaliland, the Horn of Africa and US Policy By David H. Shinn remarks made at the Somaliland Convention, September 8, 2006

Somaliland continues to be frustrated by the issue of non-recognition. I commented last year in Los Angeles that the key to Somaliland’s recognition remains with the African Union. It is a political and not a legal issue. This continues to be my position. But there has been progress on this front. The report of the AU Fact-Finding Mission to Somaliland in the spring of 2005 said that the union between Somaliland and Somalia was never ratified and also malfunctioned when it went into action from 1960 to 1990.

Somaliland's plight -- The Washington Times By Geoff Hill
The United States and former colonial power, Britain, could take the first step, but believe, correctly, that Africa should take the lead. However, it is time Washington and London opened debate about Somaliland in the United Nations. If America wants to see the growth of freedom and democracy around the world, what better way than to stand up for a country that has shown how both can be achieved, not in Europe, but in one of the world's toughest neighborhoods.
Somaliland Recognition & Development Convention Opens in Washington Metro Area 

WASHINGTON, Sept. 8 /U.S. Newswire/ -- As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice takes her message of a new American foreign policy emphasizing democracy and human rights to Africa and the Middle East, a convention to discuss those same issues is being held this weekend in the Washington metro area. Those topics are this weekend's subject of discussion, plus Somaliland's quest for international recognition. 

Somaliland President calls on Lord Triesman
Today, Lord Triesman met the leader of Somaliland, H.E. Dahir Rayale Kahin, who is visiting the UK as a guest of the British Government. Accompanying Somaliland Ministers also met senior officials in the Home Office and Department for International Development.

Dan Simpson: The ghost of Somalia Somaliland should be allowed to depart a chaotic country in transition.

It is also definitely time to recognize the independence of Somaliland. There is no longer any Somalia whose territorial integrity needs to be defended. The African Union has shown itself to be hopeless with regard to the Somalia issue and has now been supplanted in any negotiating role by the Arab League.

Somaliland President Visits United Kingdom

President Dahir Rayaale Kahin accompanied by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Posts and advisers arrived in London on 15th August at the invitation of Lord Treisman, Minister of State at Foreign and Commonwealth Office. On 16th August President Kahin and his delegation met Lord Treismnan and his staff at the Foreign Office. They discussed matters of interest to the States. Later members of the delegation had discussions with Department of International Development and the Home Office. by Qarannews.
Machinations and undeclared war on Somaliland IM. Abdi Halim M. Musa:
The United Nations, The Secretariat of the United Nations and some of its agencies have worked hard to push Somaliland under the carpet in a quest to revive Somalia. For 16 years to this date, the Secretariat's memos avoid to mention Somaliland by name, and try to project false and negative images about Somaliland by deliberately confusing it with Somalia.
Global Assessments Of The Somaliland Foreign Policy By Velimir Philo Tomulic: From the very beginning, I would like to clarify, that the Assessments given here are in no way ment as a critics to the current strategies of the foreign policies by the Somaliland Government. The aim is to give a broader perception from the German and European point of view on all the necessary strategies for the benefit of the Republic of Somaliland and Somalilanders as an Nation.
Open Memorandum To The AU & Member States,  TO: H.E Mr. Alpha Oumar Konare, Chairman, African Union, Cc: H.E. Mr. Patrick Mazimhaka, Deputy Chairman, African Union, SOMALIAND: The AU must accept Independent Somaliland
Somaliland Statehood Discussed at AU Summit By James Butty Washington, DC 05 July 2006
Question Deputy Minister Pahad, what is the South African government's position on the recognition of the government of Somaliland? Will you recognise it? Are you in negotiations with them?Answer The African Union sent a high level team to Somaliland to assess the situation. Their report indicated that Somaliland should be treated differently to other situations of cessation. This report is now being discussed by other countries to determine how to proceed on the matter.
IM. Abdi Halim M. Musa Somaliland Appeals Justice to the Regional and International Organizations: Somaliland achieved independence from Great Britain on 26th June 1960 and became first independent Somali UN recognized state as a full member of the United Nations but very hastily entered union with Somalia (Ex-Italian colony) which Somaliland suffered 30 years of anarchy, long humiliation, dereliction, injustice, repression, atrocities and destruction through indiscriminate heavy bombardment on civilians, cities (Hargeisa and Burao) towns, and rural areas by warplanes, tanks and artillery. 
Somaliland seeks recognition for sovereignty:
Extract from yesterday's Hansard, Somalia 3.21 pm, Lord Avebury asked Her Majesty's Government:Lord Triesman: My Lords, there are continuing contacts with the Government of Somaliland. I pay tribute to that Government; although they are not internationally recognised, in the sense of there being a fully fledged state, the stability of Somaliland stands in sharp contrast to the position across most of the rest of Somalia, 
Somaliland Foreign Minister Meets with Jendayi Frazer:Djibouti, June 24, 2006 (SL Times) – Somaliland Foreign Minister Edna Adan Ismail met on Thursday night with US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer in Djibouti.
Peace-keeping’ in Somalia after the fighting has stopped! How typical!by Ioan Lewish!:‘Poor ex-Italian Somalia!. When it is in chaos and subject to the shambolic anarchy of the secular warlords who have terrorised its civilian population, the best outsiders have been able to do is to engage in so-called peace-making, producing virtual governments which are incapable of governing and, manifestly have no public support.
Somaliland Independence Day 26th of June 1960: British Somaliland gains Independence from Briatin
A very British heroism: A Marlborough-  educated clergyman's son, Col Wilson had joined the East Surrey Regiment in 1933 but, by the outbreak of war, he was an acting Captain commanding a company of the Somaliland Camel Corps. Come August 1940, he was defending the Tug Argan Gap — a key route into British Somaliland in the horn of Africa — from a huge Italian invasion. 
Analysis: Could Mogadishu Islamic Courts be eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize? by Bashir Goth?
Report on Somaliland by International magazine JEUNE AFRIQUE
EU plays double game in Somalia peace talks

Somalia: Afghanistan redux? ( Somaliland has a real government with territorial ) by Bill Weinberg
Gambia will host in July 2006 the African Union Summit. The president of Gambia his Excellency Alhaji Dr. Yahya AbdilAzzis Jemus Junkung Jammeh have invited the President of Somaliland His excellency Dahir Rayale an invitation to come to Banjul to join the African Union Summit .
Honourable Ikran H. Da'ood makes successful tour of Togdheer and Sanaag regionsl
Her concerns were to raise women's awareness about their political and civilian rights and about having equal access to education, health care and employment opportunities, both in public and private sectors
Tam-Tam Express: In this week's Programme: Recently the International Crisis Group issued a timely report with the title: “Somaliland, Time for African Union leadership”. The report called on the African Union to name a senior envoy to consult with key players and report back to the African Union’s Peace and Security Council. In addition, the report called on the AU’s Peace and Security Council to familiarize its members with the case of Somaliland . Finally it calls on the AU, meanwhile, to grant Somaliland interim observer status. In this edition of Tam Tam Express, Is it fair to keep Somaliland hostage to events in Mogadicio and the surrounding areas or should Somaliland be rewarded for creating stability and democratic governance out of a part of the chaos that is the failed state of Somalia? With our guests we unravel the dynamics around this sensitive issue. Tune in for more...
The Signs Say Somaliland, but the World Says SomaliaBy By MARC LACEY: 

HARGEYSA,  Edna Adan Ismail may get angry when she reads this. In fact, she may pick up the phone and vent, berating anyone with the gall to suggest that this city sits inside Somalia.
Storm Warning : Somalia by Rene Wadlow:As the 1960 merger of the Italian and British colonies had been more based on a desire of the Europeans to withdraw than any Somali urge to merge, the former British area reorganized itself after 1992 and took back the name Somaliland. The Somaliland area is relatively stable, and in 1993 Somaliland reintroduced the structures of government ? tax, customs and banking.
Letter: Embrace the dispossessed By Jimba Onisgay: But Taiwan is not the only left shut out like this. Like Taiwan my homeland, Somaliland, is also an unrecognized state separated from the world community, mainly due to the insistence of larger countries that the old Somalia should remain united.

The 15th anniversary of the independence day of the Republic of Somaliland at the Senate

Somaliland Heritage in partnership with the Association of Somalilanders of France has welcomed at the French Senate for the celebration of the Independence day of Somaliland, media, scholars, politicians thanks to the Senator Piras. SAR Prince Sixte-Henri de Bourbon Parme and Henri Senghor (former Ambassador for Senegal) honoured the invitation. Dr Ahmed H.Esa and other Somaliland compatriots 

The 54th state? Jean-Jacques Cornish

Somaliland has always claimed a legal case for going it alone; it is not secessionist, merely an independent country that has broken a union with another of similar status. And there is plenty of precedent for that in Africa. It is Somaliland’s relative success that is winning its quest for recognition.
From World Defense Review: Strategic Interests by J. Peter Pham, Ph.D., Facing Reality in Somalia:
At the edge of that Greater Middle East, the people of Somaliland have made their choice for political independence and democratic progress. While they have stumbled occasionally along the way, their efforts deserve encouragement through the appropriate economic, political, and security cooperation – which, in turn, will anchor Somaliland within America's orbit as well as international society.
Another country: Somaliland is a beacon of stability in Africa but lack of international recognition is holding it back, writes Xan Rice

Recently, the AU has made some very positive noises. Last year it sent a delegation to Somaliland, and the team concluded that the claim for recognition was "historically unique and self-justified in African political history. As such, the AU should find a special method of dealing with this outstanding case."
UNPO Member Somaliland Demands Global Recognition Qaran News. Somaliland declared its independence in 1991 and has been a UNPO Member since 2004. Since then Somaliland has embarked upon reconstruction and reached a remarkable political maturity, despite the lack of international recognition. Mrs. Edna Adan Ismail, the Foreign Minister of the Somaliland Republic, and UNPO Member representative, urges the international community to recognize Somaliland as an independent country in a recently published article, excerpts published below;
Senator Norm coleman's position on the Republic of Somaliland Dear Senator Coleman, Your Position on The Republic of Somaliland. I have read your proposed resolution to the Senate seeking United States support for Somalia and was dismayed with the item concerning Somaliland. While I welcome your efforts to pursue the support of the United States Government for Somalia to enable it to find solution to its problems, I find it gross injustice for you to deprive the people of Somaliland of their hopes and aspirations to attain recognition from the world community.
SA President Legal Advisor Listens to Student's Views on Somaliland Visit to the Centre by Advocate Mojanku Gumbi. Advocate Mojanku Gumbi, who is the legal advisor to President Thabo Mbeki, visited the Centre for Human Rights on Thursday 4 May 2006. Advocate Gumbi had lunch with the students on the Master of Laws (LLM) programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa.
Somaliland history will write Professor Iqbal and his colleagues in gold letters However, the best minds in the world. People like Iqbal Ghazbhay, Ali Mazuri, I.M Lewis, Mat Bryden and many others are proud of Somaliland. Somaliland is an oasis of peace, tranquility, harmony, brotherhood and wisdom.
18th of  May, Somaliland Independence Day at the Senate, Paris by Somaliland Heritage Organisation
Honorable Ikran Hagi Daud Warsme, a member of Somaliland’s House of Representatives was invited to the White House today along with 51 other women who were leaders in their own country; the United States President George Bush and First Lady Laura Bush have welcomed these female leaders to the White House to celebrate women’s month and international women’s day.
The Case for Unitary Government’:Ladies and Gentlemen, it is sufficient for me to re-assert that Somaliland's Unitary Government can be considered a miracle and a rare African success story that need to be given full credit. Undermining the achievements of Somaliland sadly would also undermine the goals of NEPAD that are the promote peace, stability and good governance in Africa.
Update: Reports on Somaliland For Research 
Somaliland: Application for Membership in African Union, UNPO, 02 Feb. 2006=ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia- Republic of Somaliland, which has been seeking recognition from the international community as in independent country for years, has finally put forth an application to be a member of the African Union (AU).
Rayale Holds Talks With Norwegian ýMinister For International Cooperation
posted on Awdalnews on 20 Dec. 2005= OSLO , Norway , December 17, 2005 (SL Times) – Somaliland president Dahir Rayale Kahin on Friday held talks with Norwegian minister for International Cooperation, Mr. Eirik Solheim, in Oslo. The Somaliland leader requested the Norwegian government to assist his country's efforts...Awdalnews
Congratulations to the new parliament of Somaliland, SIRAG
SIRAG would like to congratulate Somaliland's first historical and democratically elected parliament, the newly elected speaker and the deputy speakers of Somaliland's parliament
The President of Somaliland Congratulated The Parliament Speaker and the Two deputy Speakers, Hargiesa, Somaliland 5 December 2005
The Somaliland president H.E Mr. Dahir Riayle Kahin today congratulated the new speaker of Somaliland parliament Honorable Mr. Abdirihamn Mohamed Abdillahi and two new deputy speakers Honorable Mr. Abdulaziz Mohamed Samale and Honorable Mr. Bashe Mohamed Farah. The speaker of parliament is a member of the UCID party and his deputies are members of the Kulmiye party. 
The President of Somaliland Opened the First Session of the Newly Elected Parliament, Hargiesa, Somaliland 29 November 2005

The Somaliland president H.E Mr. Dahir Riayle Kahin opened the first session of the newly elected parliament. The president congratulated the 82 members on being chosen by the people of Somaliland to be the new MP's and reminded the new legislatures the tasks awaiting the new parliament including completing the constitution, the courts, the economy and strengthening the democratic process that Somaliland has embarked on. The president reiterated that the unity of the people of Somaliland facilitated the opportunity of this auspicious and important day and it is the responsibility of the new parliament to help in continuing that unified journey.

Somaliland demands justice, Africa Today
Somaliland is a self-governing country on the Horn of Africa. After 31 years of bloody, polarising and failed union with southern Somalia, Somaliland reclaimed its independence in 1991 from the failed Somali Republic.
The significance of the two minute silence
After the end of the Second World War in 1945 Armistice Day became Remembrance Day to include all those who had fallen in the two World Wars and later conflicts.
The Invasion of British Somaliland

Following the German invasion of France in May 1940, the Royal Navy, in anticipation of Italian entry into the war, dispatched the anti-aircraft cruiser Carlisle, three sloops, and a division of destroyers from Egypt to the Red Sea and closed that waterway to Allied shipping until a system of convoys could be organized.
The spirit of Ramadan and Eid in Somaliland before the advent of Wahhabism
Collective Statement of Somaliland's National Politital Parties to Ambassador Fracois L. Fall –Awdal News October 31, 2005 - 15:37
I will definitely report what I saw, heard and learnt here back to the UN Secretary-General and also to the UN Security Counc
Bebera Port Serves Land-locked Ethiopia and Somaliland – 
Press Conference by on elections of of Somaliland by Dr. Kimmo Kiljunen, Member of Parliament (MP) Finland, former Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assemby, Leader of Finnish Obsrvation Team Organized by International Solidarity Foundation (ISF)=
Congratulations to Ikran Haji Daud Warsame for making history
The Management of Awdalnews Network extends its warmest congratulations to Ikran Haji Daud Warsame for making history as the first Somaliland woman to win a seat in the country's first parliamentary election, held on 29 Sept. 2005. We hail her courage, tenacity and persistence to stay the..
The people of Borama, Awdal region of Somaliland, today commemorated the 2nd anniversary of Annalena Tonelli’s death, BORAMA, 5 Oct. 2005-
Victory to the nation of Somaliland for their Historical Parliamentary Elections, Press Release,  SIRAG, 3rd October 05
The Economist30/9/2005, Breakaway Somaliland has impressed the Americans by hitting al-Qaeda. If multi-party elections due this week in Somaliland are reasonably fair and open, the outside world, including the African Union and the United Nations, may have to start seriously reconsidering its status, which has been fudged since the collapse of unitary Somali in 1991. All three of Somaliland's parties contesting the election are adamant about wanting outright independence.
Somaliland Successfully Elected Parliament Today 
PRESS RELEASE, Ref SLF/MRG, Somaliland Forum, 29 Sept. 2005
= The Somaliland people have elected a parliament today and it has been a long journey for Somaliland to get here. Somaliland Forum congratulates the people of Somaliland, political parties, and the government for successfully electing a parliament in a peaceful, fair and free election.
Press Statement by the South African Observer Mission to the Somaliland Parliamentary elections 30 September 2005 
A 12-person South African team was honoured to observe the first parliamentary elections in Somaliland held on September 29 2005. The team comprised a senior politician, diplomats, scholars, election specialists, researchers and media. Some of them have observed Somaliland’s constitutional referendum and presidential elections.
Memo to Paul Martin, Thursday 29 September: "Canada: now has a similar opportunity to be a catalyst for change, not by recognizing a great power, but by giving recognition to humble Somaliland. The inauguration of the country's government that will emerge from today's elections could become an important date for Canadian foreign policy - and perhaps for the international system as a whole - if Prime Minister Paul Martin were to travel to the capital city of Hargeisa for the inauguration of Somaliland's newly-elected government."
Signpost in Somaliland's Quest for Sovereignty by Nathalie Peutz (Thursday September 29 2005m Media Monitors),  
"The Republic of Somaliland has indeed accomplished a remarkable feat and without international assistance. 
Somaliland seeks global recognition By Geoff Hill
, September 29, 2005
President Dahir Rayale Kahin, from the ruling Unity of Democrats (UDUB) party, told The Washington Times that Somaliland had fulfilled all requirements for sovereignty and that the notion of a united Somalia with its capital in Mogadishu was "no longer a reality." "In 14 years, we have created a free and stable country and held multiparty elections at local and presidential level plus a referendum on our constitution," he said. "This parliamentary poll is the final step in the process, and we have earned the right to recognition."
Val i Somaliland avfärdas av omvärlden
Efter kommunval 2002 och presidentval 2003 gör parlamentsvalet Somaliland till en väl så god demokrati som de flesta andra afrikanska stater - och betydligt bättre än åtskilliga länder 
Somaliland Pushes for International Recognition:
As foreign minister Edna Adan Ismail sees it, Somaliland meets all the criteria of being an independent nation. She refers to the self-declared republic as an "island of peace and stability in the Horn of Africa," a model for other African countries to follow
Somaliland Radio says voting "peaceful, calm":
Voters went to the polls this morning to elect members of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Somaliland. The voting is taking place in 985 polling stations.
Q&A: Somaliland votes:
HARGEISA: Somaliland _Candidates ended their campaigns Tuesday for the first multiparty legislative elections in breakaway Somaliland.
Somaliland electoral official says parliamentary poll preparations complete
Somaliland leader receives EU poll observers
Hail to Somaliland's police force
No doubt with the arrest of a group of terrorists who came to cause destruction and mayhem in the country, Somaliland has dissipated the misconception of being a no-man's land like its neighbor Somalia where international terrorists come and go at will. Despite their minimum training, lack of modern equipment and lack... September 25, 2005
Somaliland: Muslim clerics condemn terror suspects (BBC Monitoring International Reports, 09/25/2005 02:52:52 PM EDT) Text of report by Somaliland newspaper Mandeeq on 25 September In a statement released last night a group of religious ulemas [clerics] called the Hargeysa Salafis, stressed the need to enhance security
Somaliland In Transition Insidesomaliland.blogtales.com
Somaliland is on alert once again as the government declared the capture of 8 alleged terrorists in a 2 hour gun fight last night at New Hargeisa. The captured group was said to be planning an attack on government officials and foreign aid workers to avenge the...
September 24, 2005
Somaliland Parliamentary Election 29th September 2005: last task of regaining the rejected freedom 
Five al-Qaida suspects detained after gunfight in Somaliland republic
Somaliland: British delegation arrives in Hargeysa
BBC Monitoring, 15 Sept. 2005= The British ambassador to Ethiopia, Bob Dewar, accompanied by deputy political assistant Daniel [second name indistinct], the defence representative David [second name indistinct], and Nairobi-based First Secretary [name indistinct], arrived in Hargeysa this evening. The delegation, which...
Awdal News, September 16, 2005 - 00:45
UNISA academic speaks at London’s Chatham House 
UNISA's Iqbal Jhazbhay, who has recently received an award for his work on Somaliland, addressed an audience at the world-acclaimed Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House in London. Awdalnews Network, London. 16 Sept, 2005. 
Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka Arrives in London
Campaign for Parliamentary Elections in Full Swing (Somaliland)
South African National Pavilion at Defence Services and Equipment International exhibition (DSEi) in London, UK
Somaliland ballot back on track, Election Date: September 29, 2005.
Somaliland: The Israel in the Horn of Africa
Somaliland can benefit from the strategies that have helped the State of Israel to prevail against enormous challenges over the past few decades: the constant security threat from neighbors, terrorism against innocent civilians, lack of diplomatic relations with many nations, and unreasonable demands by th
Will the success of Somaliland inspire others
Somaliland should not be punished for choosing peace instead of clan wars. We have what it takes to be a great country. Why is the international community and the United Nations failing us? asks Jamal Ali Hussein. The Standard, 2 Sept. 2005= NAIROBI, 2 Sept 2005. The se1f-declared Republic of Somaliland is currently...
Somalind Society Conference in the UK:
Conference Agenda 
First Day: Thursday 1st Sept 2005 
9:15 – 10:00 Arrival & Registration

Read The Complete Conference Agenda(1st Day)

Read The Complete Conference Agenda(2nd Day)

Booking Form (Fee  Changes  reduced to £25 Per Day)
Media Statement by the facilitator of the Burundi Peace process, the honourable Jacob Zuma, on the Eve of the inauguration of the democratically elected President of the Republic of Burundi
Egypt Is Urged To Adopt Less Defensive Policy Toward Somaliland’s Quest For Recognition.
Awdalnews Network. August 28, 205 The Republic of Somaliland Liaison Office Washington DC For Immediate Release.  To Enhance its New Africa Policy, Egypt Is Urged To Adopt A More Constructive And Less Defensive Policy Toward Somaliland’s Quest..

Yemen – Aden – Socotra – 1941/44:

1943 Socotra:  Landing two Blenheim 1 aircraft were modified for flight to Socotra via Somaliland. But that is another story.

Carne Ross Diplomat:"I want to give smaller, poorer countries the diplomatic skills to make their voices heard." "I want to give smaller, poorer countries the diplomatic skills to to make their voices heard," by JenniferCunninghm
Tip-toeing across countries you won't find on a map, Singapore
Chairman of UCID Party Faisal Ali Waraabe has been honored by the Mayor of Minneapolis
Consolidating Somaliland-South Africa Relations:
The Director of the Institute for Practical Training and Research in the Republic of Somaliland, Dr. Ahmed Esa, visited the Republic of South Africa from 9 to 14 August 2005, as part of the larger bi-lateral momentum to consolidate educational, political and economic ties between the two countries
Sheikh Ahmed Deedat : Islam’s Urbane Debater
'I first saw Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, who died at his home in Durban, South Africa, on 8th August 2005, when I attended a lecture he delivered at Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation in 1986. It was one of the first of what would later make him a fabled globe-trotting promoter of inter-faith dialog, a brilliant debater and the most', by Bashir Goth

Press Release : Somaliland Civil Society Visit to South Africa 20-26 July 2005, Somaliland Liaison Office, Tshwane 26 July 2005

The Republic of Somaliland’s Committee for Concerned Somalis, appointed Mrs. Amran Ali Haji Mahmoud to attend the preparatory consultation on the UN Secretary Generals’ Study on Violence against Children. This UN Conference was hosted by the South African Presidency’s Office of the Rights of the Child and UNICEF, which was held in Johannesburg and, was attended by governments, NGOs, the African Union, and Pan-African Parliament.
SF decries Somalia government's defence of former officials accused of crimes against humanity
SOMALILAND FORUM. PRESS RELEASE. Immediate Release, 20 July 2005. SOMALIA Transitional Government Defends former Military Officers Accused of Torture & other Atrocities in SOMALILAND "Time to say NO to the culture of impunity" The International community spent millions bankrolling the 14th...
The everlasting war between common sense and text sense, by Bashir Goth
Edna Takes Part in Question Time Johannesberg
Somaliland Foreign Minister concludes successful 3-day working visit to South Africa
Press Release, The Government and the People of Somaliland Send their Condolences to the People and the Government of the United Kingdom, Hargiesa, Somaliland 7 July 2005
SIRAG condemns London's bombing as a crime against humanity
Statement by the Somaliland community in U.S.A On the terrorist attack in London on 07 July 05.,
Somaliland Forum Condemns Bomb Attacks In London, Great Britain
Open Letter to the UN Secretary General, the Security Council, EU President and US State Dept.
Open Letter to the United Nation's Secretary General, the UN Security Council, President of the European Union, and the United States State Department Life Aid is A Good Idea But the World Has to Do Something About Africa's Corrupt and Dysfunctional Regimes Doing something about the remnants of Africa's decadent...
Somaliland's Foreign Minister Edna Ismail to appear on BBC's Question Time in Johannesburg
In the week of the G8 conference in Scotland and the Live 8 concert, BBC TV's premier political programme Question Time is being broadcast from Johannesburg in South Africa. The programme will focus on some of the major issues facing Africa including poverty, debt relief, Aids and the continent's cultural...
Empowering people and not politicians is the answer to Africa's poverty
An open letter to G8
Press Release from Africa Water Journalists
You may be interested in the Africa / Middle East Water Journalist Network, 
 established by the Amsterdam-based Water Foundation in cooperation with UN Water / Africa and various Arab and African journalist organizations.

Mental health situation alarming in Somaliland

Chairman of UCID Party met with the US department of state at the State Department in Washington DC.

Somaliland, Countdown To The July Summit Of The AU
The fact-finding mission undertaken by the Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Mr. Patrick Mizimhaka, Awdal News.

Somaliland Development Association (SODA):
Somalia is the cause of underdevelopment of Somaliland
There are many ways to take hostages. Individual or group hostage taking is probably the most commonly known aspect where victims are (individuals or groups) held against their wills and threatened with injuries or death, or prevented to do what they want to do unless certain demands from the hostage takers are met.

Somaliland Forum Voices Support for LA Somaliland Convention
Somaliland Forum Press Release- Immediate SF/CLC/06/05/SLCON, 9 June 2005= Somaliland Forum Strongly Support Somaliand Convention

Today, 11 years after it declared independence, Somaliland is a country of true African endurance, it has an elected president, a multi-party democracy, and works towards a life of peace and prosperity. However, having come so far as a people, Somaliland has not yet received recognition as an independent nation by the international community. Recognition is key to retaining the relative peace and stability of the country.

According to Lady Edna, Somaliland has certified all criteria for recognition (Sunday Times) By Jerry Okungu, Sunday Times

The new date for parliamentary elections, which will be determined by the national electoral commission, will be in 2005 and should be soon enough to restore international confidence in Somaliland as a viable nation state worthy of recognition by Economist Intelligence Unit

Political advisor to Nigerian, SAfrican presidents arrives in Somaliland

African Union Discusses Somaliland’s Independence, Haatuf

Somaliland, Ethiopia sign trade pact

Former Zambian president visits Somaliland

Somaliland making inroads into African political corridors and world media - President Kahin Hargeisa, 19 May 2005--Somaliland President Dahir Riyale Kahin today said that his government had succeeded in getting the attention of African countries and making Somaliland's quest for recognition more visible than anytime before.

May 18 in London May 18 was celebrated here in London last night 15 May 2005 by a large crowd of Somalilanders, also in attendance was officials from SOmlailand community and members of the British Parliment..

Editorial: Celebrating 14 Years of Resilience, Thriving Democracy And World Negligence
On the 18th of May 2005, Somaliland celebrates the 14th anniversary of restoring its sovereignty as it emerged from the wreckage of the former Somali Republic and rose like a phoenix from the ashes of destruction, mass graves and immense human suffering. Throughout these years Somaliland survived on a will of steel..

H. E. Ms. Edna A. Ismail, Somaliland’s Minister Of Foreign Affairs Was Welcomed At The State Depart.

The Historic Visit of Somaliland’s Opposition Leader to the Canadian Parliament

Paintings of war heroes displayed for first time By Chris Hastings
Col Wilson, 92, who was honoured "for most conspicuous gallantry" while serving in Somaliland sat for his portrait in 1942 following his eventual release from a prisoner of war camp

Somaliland free to establish ties with Israel, says president 

Editorial - Arabs can no longer scare Somaliland with their Israeli bogeyman stories
Since Somaliland emerged from the dysfunctional union with Somalia 14 years ago, Arab countries not only turned a deaf ear to its issue but also took every opportunity to witch-hunt every initiative Somaliland makes to attract world attention and scare it with their hackneyed story of Israeli bogeyma-ANN

PRESS RELEASE, BBC2 - Holidays in the Danger Zone
Places That Don't Exist: Somaliland will be broadcast on Wednesday 4 May, 2005 at 1930 BST on BBC2, and the series continues every week until Wednesday 1 June, 2005. Next week: Transdniestria

Somaliland's missing identity By Simon Reeve Author and broadcaster,
Places That Don't Exist
There are almost 200 official countries in the world but there are dozens more unrecognised nations determined to be independent. They have rulers, parliaments and armies, but they rarely feature on maps and receive few foreign visitors.

A world beyond recognition.
 Top tips for hot tots Holiday ideas for young families PAGE 6 Fruits of the Caribbean The best luxury resorts in the Grenadines PAGES 4-5Somaliland's Minister for Tourism was delighted that he finally had a rare foreign visitor he could take to see his country's national treasures. ..

Somaliland criticizes African Union for ignoring its achievements and its quest for recognition, Awdalnews Network

Hargeisa, 3 May 2005--Somaliland today criticized the African Union and the International Community for failing to recognize successful political entities that emerge from collapsed states and dissipating their resources and energy in desperation trying to resuscitate failed states.

Somaliland Recognition by Imam. Abdi Halim M. Musa
The United Nations, which has the authority of international legitimacy, is still withholding the legitimate recognition of Somaliland unjustifiably for the last 14 years.

Renewed possibilities and hope in long walk to peace, Somaliland case gives hope to Southern Sudan
Iqbal Jhazbhay , ANC Today, April 8-14, 2005= Currently, the first draft of Sudan's new history of political transition is in the making. This is the time of newly re-energised possibilities. A changing climate is unfolding: from military politics of war embraced by the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People's...
April 09, 2005

Curious Case of Somaliland By: Richard Rahn The Washington Times
The Bush and Blair administrations should come together and immediately recognize Somaliland to reward them for pursuing a constructive path toward free market democracy.

MIGHTY WARRIOR , Tank driver gets top medal for saving soldiers twice VICTORIA CROSS Mar 18 2005 By Chris Hughes.

Yesterday, Pte Beharry met the only other living Victoria Cross holder from his regiment - Lieutenant Colonel Eric Wilson, 92,from Dorset. He was honoured in 1940 for defending a key position in Somaliland.

Ten men have gone on trial in the breakaway republic of Somaliland, accused of murdering foreign aid workers in a series of attacks.

Somaliland: Homegrown Democracy In The Horn Of Africa, Somaliland Forum" It was Somaliland that first initiated the 'Union'. Just as she had the right to initiate such union, she had the right to exit that 'Union." It is to everyone's benefit that the Recognition process be expedited. The UN and AU must recognize the statutory requirements for Statehood had been gratified. The Charters agreed upon by the AU had also been safeguarded by Somaliland's refusal to disregard the Colonial boundaries agreed upon.

Somaliland: Stability amid economic woe As UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's Commission for Africa published its report on stimulating development in March 2005, the BBC's Rob Walker visited Somaliland - part of Somalia until it declared independence in 1991- to see how it is faring.

Help us quench the thirst for home, say Somaliland refugees March 23, 2005 ."challenge for world leaders: "The area I am returning to is an area without water, without health facilities, without education, but we are ready to return. Has the world any idea of helping us?" By Kitty McKinsey in Somaliland and Aisha camp

Africa Commission concludes talks By David Loyn BBC developing world correspondent 
Bob Geldof believes the Commission can deliver

Belfast Telegraph Bob Geldof: Africa has become a living wound 

Uncertain hopes for Blair's Africa commission By Martin Plaut BBC Africa analyst
Blair wants workable solutions to Africa's problems

Somaliland Women: Oppressed breadwinners and silent peacemakers
Somaliland Times Editorial: The Irresponsible African Union

Slaves come from the poorest communities in Niger
Born to be a slave in Niger
By Hilary Andersson BBC Africa Correspondent, Niger

Slavery continues to blight the lives of many  millions around the world. Although officially abolished in some countries two centuries ago, people trafficking, bonded labour and child labour still exist
Obituary: Yusuf Haji Aden Was a Great Educationist 
Yusuf Haji Aden was a great educationist. He was one of the founders and promoters of Somaliland education. He was multi-skilled as a teacher, poet, diplomat and was role model for all Somalilanders ...
Obituary: Yusuf Haji Aden was a great man
Yusuf Haji Aden was a great man. A great teacher who began schools in Somaliland, and the schools in Somaliland were the first schools for Somalis inside their respective countries. Alongside Mohamud Ahmed Ali, the Father of Education and with several others in his generation, Yusuf started one of the first Schools...

Somaliland court rules parliamentary elections to be held as scheduled
BBC Monitoring, 27 Feb. 2005= The constitutional court of the Republic of Somaliland today gave its ruling on a constitutional case referred to it by the attorney-general. The attorney-general in line with article 77, section 4 of the constitution had conveyed a presidential memorandum to the court regarding the...

New commission to face Africa challenge by International Development:

“Despite everyone's best efforts, and the amount of money that is going in – everything is piecemeal. You can be doing your best to combat AIDS, to tackle trade tariffs, but if the producers are being taken out of the society by a disease, then all your efforts are being wasted,” he said.

SSE Conference: Somaliland Diaspora and their Role in Somaliland Development 
Africa could be better fending for itself, Somaliland a prime example 
Communique on Somaliland President's working viist to South Africa, from 30 Jan. to 9 Feb.2005
Curious case of Somaliland, By Richard W. Rahn
It is time to rescue Islam from the Talibani Courts in Mogadishu, Bashir Goth
Somaliland President to meet South African business elite
Somaliland electoral body says new poll law may not apply in March vote
Durban doctors ready to help tsunami victims
Italians accused of dumping nuclear waste off Yemeni, Somaliland coast
Academic View Of Somaliland Recognition by professor I.M.Lewis — London, UK : Cannot any of the policy makers involved learn from the past? What contribution to peace is achieved by enabling Somalia's warlords, and sundry self-appointed representatives of 'civil society', to holiday in luxurious hotels in Kenya?
Drought, tsunami: The cumulative effects of four years of poor rainfall in the Sool plateau and surrounding areas in Somaliland and Puntland caused massive livestock losses, rendered many pastoralists destitute and resulted in increased vulnerability and further displacement
Somaliland's people are in solidarity with the victims of the Tsunami tidal wave
UN seeks aid for 50,000 Somalis,  India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Anadaman & Nicobar (under Indian administration), Somalia, Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Bangladesh
Economic Victims of the Tsunami Disaster, TVSLEurope
34 people feared dead in Somalia boat accident
Africa Assesses Impact of Tsunami By William Eagle, TVSLEurope
Somaliland Hospitals Fundraising Event by NOMADUK, Click Here for the Event Details!!!
Independent Somaliland a non-negotiable by Ali Mohamed Nour, Yemen Times
Scepticism and caution greet election of Yusuf as war-ravaged Somalia's president
Yemen’s Role In Somaliland-Somalia Conflict
Please visit Gollis College in Somaliland(New)
The European Union Together With The United States Is Believed To Favor The Recognition Of Somaliland
Somaliland: Time for Recognition
Secret Somalia-Egypt Pact Endangers Peace, Security and Stability of the Horn of Africa Region – Articles&Opinions 
An Open, Urgent Letter On Somaliland/Somalia Border
Attacks On Somaliland Have Started: Somalilanders Abroad Echo Their Government’s Warning To The World
LETTER OF PROTEST By The Somaliland Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
Britain Says Somaliland Deserves Recognition
Somaliland Government's Protest On The Attack Of The Militia Of Abdullahi Yusuf
Door Is Closed" On Somalia-Somaliland Talks
Participants Of Sudan DDR Workshop Appreciate Somaliland Experience
The IGAD member states, and the International community would bear full responsibility for any outcome, different from the separate two states solution, which might lead to future strive and conflict that would hurriedly turn into uncontrollable calamities, H.E. Dahir Rayale Kahin
The International Community is Betraying Somaliland, Somaliland Times
Somaliland warns of war if new Somali government violates its territorial integrity
"Door is closed" on Somalia-Somaliland talks
Another October and another dictator
A letter to IGAD group When the wrong pays and the right gets rap!
Conclusions and Recommendations of the Conference, ARECSMED 
Interaction Of Peace, Security And Development Within The Framework Of Somaliland's International - Recognition - A Practical Experience, byJawahir Mohamed Ali Sheikh Madar
The Somalia-Somaliland Stalemate Within The Context Of The Geopolitics Of Conflict And Accommodation
Singing into a vacuum : the torment of a Somali playwright by Bashir Goth 
The Savage Monster to be created at Mbagathi, Farah Ali Jama
HALGANEWS: Conclustions and Recommendations of the Peace, Security and Development in the Horn of Africa 'The Somaliland Experience
Anti-terror workshop kicks off, Standard Correspondents
News from the Washington File August 3, 2004 10:56am State Department Documents
The international community should not rush into recognizing the government that comes out of Mbagthi talks Somaliland Times
President Rayale Tells The International Community Not To Help Southern Warlords & that the 1960 Union is dead, Somaliland Times
Mbagathi Can Go To Hell - Somaliland Times Editorial 
Somaliland holds parliamentary elections on 29 March 2005 
Press Release regarding ‘Some NGOS Are More Equal Than Others' by Ali Gulaid, San Jose, CA, 29 July, 2004’
Sh. Ibrahim Sh. Yuusuf Sh. Madar – An astute peacemaker and a sagacious elder
"Sh. Ibrahim Sh. Yusuf Sh. Madar, Speaker of Somaliland’s Upper House, who died in London on 22 July 2004, will be remembered by the role he played as the long standing Chairman and the most prominent figure of the Constitutional Council during the
struggle against the tyrannical regime of Siyad Barre",
Condolences on the Death of Sheik Ibrahim Sh Yusuf Sh Madar, SIRAG
Condolences on the Death of Sheik Ibrahim Sh Yusuf Sh Madar, Lord Avebury.
Somaliland Forum Media Release July 17, 2004/5 TAMING THE SOMALI WARLORDS 
Indicting the warlords, recognizing Somaliland and returning Somalia to its pre-independence status – UN Trusteeship- would sober the Somali warlords and would lead to lasting peace. States that fail should pay a price like failed enterprises.
Celebrating 1st July in a new light: A Somalilander’s perspective 
“Take from the altars of the past the fire - not the ashes” ~Jean Jaures On July 1st 1960, the people Somaliland celebrated a day of destiny. They gave up their sovereignty which they have won four days earlier by their own will. They had a mission to fulfill and a vision to achieve . Their mission was to establish a...
July 01, 2004, By Bashir Goth
Recognition of Somaliland’s Independence is overdue, by professor Ian Lewis
Press Release, The people of Somaliland have earned their recognition Internationally (SIRAG)
~Halkan ka akhriso wararka Somaliland(Riix halkan)
The African Union (AU) and its obstinate dilemma vis-à-vis The Republic of Somaliland, By Yohannes Gebresellasie (PhD) Canada
NOUNCEMENT.  Mar 18 2004
H.E President Dahir Rayaale Kahin, who is currently visiting along with high powered delegation will hold a press conference at the Strand Palace Hotel on Saturday the 20th 2004, at 11am.All media networks are invited. Somaliland Net.
Press release for the Ministry of information 
Mar 18 2004 Somalilandnet(uk) Republic of Somaliland. London 18/03/2004 Ministry of Information Press release President of Somaliland addresses influential members of the British House of Commons. In a rare UK appearance the President of Somaliland, H.E Dahir Rayale Kahin addressed substantial number of members of the British house of commons . Somaliland


Justice must be done!"It would be unacceptable for war criminals responsible in the past for crimes against humanity, war crimes and gross human rights violation to be given blanket impunity or amnesty and to be part of a new government which Somalia may have, or be allowed to be parliamentarians and presidential candidates".By: Ahmed A. Roble Human Rights Activist, Hargeisa, Somaliland

Somaliland Must Never Ever Forget This Cruel Genocide against humanity [Click to Read]
Why Somaliland Is Seeking Recognition, [Click To Read.]
Somaliland's Case to Recognition is a real challenge to the African Union's  leadership in the 21st Century.  However,  Somaliland  can not afford to accept failure and will go on her own way to lead  her nation regardless, SIRAG  [Click to Read]
Somaliland's struggle against the role of the UN policies
HALGAN News Media  reporting in Somali on history of SNM with stories and pictures. History that have never been witnessed by the International Media. Justice must be extended to those war heroes including women who died to liberate Somaliland .  If the earth could speak, our hearts would have been shattered with sorrow and sadness beyond repair 
 [Click Here to Read]
Why Somaliland’s International Border with Puntland is Sacrosanct, John Drysdale, May 5, 2001 [Click Here to Read More]
"During the recent civil war, the former socialist dictatorship deliberately destroyed all written documents that it could in the territory that is now the Republic of Somaliland. In particular, this includes all local copies of the many reports and proposals prepared by international organizations on the technical situation and opportunities in this new Republic. The new Government is currently working with practically no written documentation about its own Country, as well as without the technical information that it requires for its normal functions.".  Project Proposal, for creating a National Library in the Republic of Somaliland Davies Consulting GmbH   [Click Here to Read]
Press Release,  Somaliland's Case Deserves to be heard by the International Community, SIRAG, The recent visit extended to the President of the Republic of Somaliland His Excellency Dahir Rayaale Kahin and his delegates to represent Somaliland's case to the House of Parliament of the United Kingdom of Britain will indeed mark a historic visit.

Members of the parliament (UK) Meets with Somaliland Parliament, Somaliland Net [Click Here to Read

USAID Official Says Somaliland Is A Good Place For Investment, Somaliland Times [Click To Read More]
It is Our Curriculum, Editorial, SL Times [Click Here to Read]
South Africa Institute of International Affairs, the Witwatersrand Branch Cordially invites you to a Speaker’s Meeting to be addressed by Mike Johnstone on Somaliland – THE COUNTRY THAT  ISN’T! , Tuesday 24th February, 2004.
The Formation of the SNM Movement by Aniis  Abdillahi Essa, Washington DC USA [Click to Read]
THE COLONEL’S BLUFF.A hard-line approach without sound military hardware is a dangerous bluff. Thus, Colonel Abdillahi Youssef’s shrill cry of joy (mashxarad) over the occupation of Las Anod may soon turn into rivers of tears that could be irrigated in the drought stricken areas of Sool [Click to Read]
The Butchers of Majertenia, Hargeisa Politically isolated, By O .M. Nur {OJ}, Toronto, Canada(Click to Read)
Somaliland Forum Press Release, Nairobi UN Political Office Censors Somaliland Textbooks 
The constructive re-engagement in Somaliland by some United Nations agencies detected over the last few years is being undermined by the Nairobi based United Nations Political Office (UNPOS), whose occasional forays into Somaliland affairs have always been counterproductive, in contrast to the work of other operational UN agencies such as UNCHR, UNICEF, WHO etc. [Click Here to Read More]
UNPOS stop textbook printing, [Click Here To Read]
Nairobi: Abdillahi Yusuf Allies Himself With Abdiqasim Salad Hasan, Somaliland Times[Click Here to Read]
Masquerading successful Somaliland as failed Somalia,  Bashir Goth [Click Here to Read]
Update from SIRAG on the success of the final phase of Somaliland's Ministerial Visits to the UK in relation to seeking recognition and development assistance from the International Community, SIRAG Press Release 04-Feb-04 [Click Here to Read]
Kenyan Foreign Minister’s Reference To Somaliland As A Faction Criticized, Kenya Somaliland Friendship Forum [Click here to Read]
Interview With Prof. Iqbal D. Jhazbhay, Somaliland Times, [Click Here to Read]
HAARETZ: Stockholm - The danger of genocide exists in five countries in Africa and Asia, according to an American expert who yesterday addressed the Stockholm International Convention on the Prevention of Genocide [Click Here to Read]
U.S. to help in protecting Somaliland's territorial waters, Awdal News [Click Here to Read]
The brutal genocide of Ex-Somalia , the history of Somaliland will not be twisted anymore, articles [Click here to Read]
Strategic Council Set Up:VP to Head New Committee, Somaliland Net[Click here to Read]
The Republic Of Somaliland's Territorial Integrity Is Not For Compromise, Somaliland net
[Click here to read]
Puntland`s Suicidal Miscalculations, by Ibrahim Hassan Gagale [Click Here to Read]
Somaliland's Sovereignty is Right, by Ahmed Iid Aadan [Click Here to Read]
War Crimes committed against the people of Somaliland By Somaliland Research Society & SomalilandNet.Com [Click Here to Read]
This is the sort of crime that does not have a statute of limitations, mass graves, Somaliland Net   
[Click Here to Read] For the  Video [Click Here]
The Somaliland Times, Coverage of Majeerteeniya's unprovoked aggression on  Somaliland to destabilise Somaliland as well as sabotage Somaliland's Elections in the year 2002, How President Rayale Escaped Assassination In Las-Anod during that year
MEDIA BILL: An Appeal To The Honourable Members Of The Somaliland House Of Representatives Not To Pass The Press Bill
MEDIA  BILL: DROP THE BILL, The existing few dailies and weeklies have to struggle to cramp all these issues into their limited pages and under difficult circumstances. They strive to satisfy the information needs of all the sectors of the society both locally and abroad with their meager resources and one has to admit that until now they have done it with great vigor and admirable dedication[Read More].
MEDIA BILL  SIRAG Press Release: - The Media Bill if passed will block Our Recognition & Threaten Our Emerging Democracy
Press Release- Attack on Somaliland by Colonel Abdillahi Yussuf and Puntland:Somaliland Forum Calls on IGAD and International Community to Condemn Abdillahi Yusuf [Click here to Read More]
Interview With Peter Schuckink Kool, Swedish Liberal Party Activist [Click Here for more]
Most Ancient Discoveries made in Somaliland (New)
Cabinda & Somaliland – A Comparative Study for Statehood & Independence Jeremy Wells, Flinders Universit


Somaliland by Justin Canning. Plse visit his website by 
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Somaliland Web Somaliland Top 100 Articles
My Journey to a nation  unknown to the world
Please [Click to read more]


Ahmed's excellent Weblog  including his work on  HIV/AIDS.   Excellent  website for the diaspora. 
[please click here to see more of Ahmed's wonderful work]
Somaliland - The International Rescue Committee [Click to Read More]
Formation and recognition of New States: Somaliland in Contrast to Eritrea
null Mourning the Death of Dr. Tonelli
Click to visit Dedicated Pages]
Welsh Somalilanders Urged To Start Trade 
[Read More]
 Somaliland Community in Wales Oct-28-03  Press Release 
" The Colonial Administration in British Somaliland to Her Majesty Government testifies Somaliland people love for peace, freedom and equality in a 1952 report"
 [Click to Read  Full Text]





























































































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Reports on Somaliland For Research
Strategic Interests by J. Peter Pham, Ph.D. World Defense Review columnist

Dangerous Fiction: A Tale of Two Cities, Part I [13 Jul 06]

Dangerous Fiction: A Tale of Two Cities, Part II [20 Jul 06]

Independent Thinking and Lobbying on Somaliland
The 15th anniversary of the independence day of the Republic of Somaliland at the Senat, France
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Marcel is the new Friend and the youngest Ambassador Somaliland has. Please give him all the support he needs to help Somaliland through his special subject Geography. His Papa said that he is a bit of  'Mozart of Geography"

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Somaliland: The Israel in the Horn of Africa
Somaliland can benefit from the strategies that have helped the State of Israel to prevail against enormous challenges over the past few decades: the constant security threat from neighbors, terrorism against innocent civilians, lack of diplomatic relations with many nations, and unreasonable demands by th
Somaliland's Frankincense industry
Somaliland’s democratic lesson, An unsung and unrecognised east African statelet has just held a democratic vote that impresses election observer Peter Hurst. -
Somaliland Surveys
Terror Alert News in Somaliland, 
Click here for  more news 
UK Parliament Publications: The Select Committee on International Development Report on Somaliland 
NBC:Late Somaliland President "Our history and our identity have completely disappeared from the world for 30 years, and now we are telling the world that there is a country called Somaliland," Egal told NBC News. [Click to Read More]
Dr. Mitsugi Endo an associate professor from  Japan university had an  interview with SIRAG on the  8th and 13th of Sept.  2005 regarding his  paper on collapsed states of Somalia and the situation of unrecognised Somaliland. 



Dr. Ahmed Secretary, Lulu Farah(Chair of SIRAG) and  Dr. Endo

Paper on Problematic of Collapsed States:  Somalia and Non-recognized state of Somaliland
 by Dr. Endo Mitsugi, Japan University, African Politics Tokyo. pdf file in Japanese
[Click here to download] 

Lessons from Somaliland: appropriate technology for ‘Peace processes’ by Professor I.M. Lewis
The Africa Union, whose politicians and senior officials are generally ignorant of, and uninterested in, political conditions in Somaliland and Somalia, simply oppose Somaliland on the dubious basis of the sacred inviolability African state boundaries. One motive is to avoid creating precedents which might help to unseat corrupt authoritarian rulers at home. Perhaps, also they do not want to encourage the kind of democracy that flourishes in Somaliland.
Speech of Somaliland's President to Members of British House of Commons on 17th March 2004
Africa could be better fending for itself, Somaliland a prime example 
Speech delivered by Dr. Edna Adan Ismail, Somaliland's Foreign Minister, at Wits University in an event jointly organized by the South African Institute of International Affairs and the Institute for Global Dialogue and University of South Africa on 3 February 200

Action for a Strong and Prosperous Africa
Be part of this noble mission to rescue the sight of Khalid Jama Ahmed.


Bob Geldof: "This is not Live Aid 2.
These concerts are the start point for The Long Walk To Justice, the one way we can all make our voices heard in unison.
Places That Don't Exist
Geldof In Africa TV Series Starts 20th June 2005 -BBC1 - Part of the Africa Lives Season

Leaving Live Aid and politics to one side, Bob Geldof makes a personal journey through Africa to learn more about the culture and, through people's experiences, understand the forces that make the continent what it is.
Tam Tam Express Channel Africa 

We are proud to be Africans

More than 90% of Africans are proud of their continent, a new survey conducted for the BBC shows.

Somaliland British Protectorate Map (New)

Click-New Africa Map with Somaliland (Colour) (NEW)

Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, and Bob Geldof at the launch of the Commission for Africa report

Blair challenges world to end 'obscenity' of African poverty, Sarah Left Friday March 11,

The prime minister, Tony Blair, today challenged the world to help to end the poverty, conflict and disease plaguing Africa. He called for huge increases in aid, debt relief and anti-corruption measures but admitted he still had to convince wealthy nations to pay their share.

A breakaway, semi-desert territory on the coast of the Gulf of Aden, Somaliland declared independence after the overthrow of Somali military dictator Siad Barre in 1991.

Speech of Somaliland's President to Members of British House of Commons on 17th March 2004

UK Parliament  Select Committee on International Development debates  on Somaliland

Shock at murder of BBC Journalist

Our deepest Condolences, to her family, colleagues and friends around the globe. So Long Kate Peyton your departure will be felt by those whom you've championed for their voice.
May God rest your soul in peace, Amin

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SOMALILAND Africa’s best kept secret, A challenge to the international community? by Iqbal Jhazbhay (pdf)

Somali Reconciliation processes: A perpetual failure: The international community has conferred legitimacy on Somalia's warlords by hosting them, in Five-Star hotels, at the expense of the donor countries while shaking hands with Heads of States. Now these Warlords were declared by the international community as being the sole representatives of the people in Somalia.

Participants Of Sudan DDR Workshop Appreciate Somaliland Experience

In Search of a State - Creating a Nation: The Role of the Diaspora in Somaliland’s Pursuit of Recognised Statehood by Elin Svedjemo (pdf)

New Africa Map with Somaliland(Black & White) (NEW)

Somaliland, The Land Of Peace and Progress (Petition)
History of Somaliland (Click for SL Government Website)
Former Somali Prime Minister and ARMY COMMANDER Face Lawsuits in U.S. Court for Torture, Murder, Crimes AGAINST HUMANITY
Radical Warlord, With Ties To Islamist Terrorist Groups, Elected Somalia President
Thwarting the menace of Islamism in the Horn of Africa
Tolerant and Intolerant Islam (Or “Peaceful Islam” versus “Militant Islam”).

The French Parliament held a day-long symposium on February 2, 2004, in the French Parliament on the theme of the "Strategic Stake of The Horn of Africa region in this Period of Globalization.


Peace, Security and Development In The Horn of Africa “the Somaliland Experience”  August 1-2, 2004, African Renaissance Center For Social Science Research, Media And Development “ARECSMED”

SL Ministry of Water & Mineral Resources will be hosting a Conference/Exhibition Republic of Somaliland

CALL For PAPERS,The Third Reconstruction Strategies Conference,“The Way Forward”,July 11-15, 2004.

International News, Speeches, Seminars on Africa

Information Communication Technology in Somaliland(ICT) 

BISMILLAHI RAHMANI RAHEEM, INNALILLAH WA INNAILAYHAY RAJEOON. Ethiopian Ambassador To The United Nations Dr. Abdulmejid Hussein Dies ..Somaliland.Org, 
Dira Dawa,Ethiopia, 29/03/2004

04032904 Chairman of the Central Committee - Somali People's Democratic Party Dr.Abdulmejid Hussein, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the United ...

"He added that if there was not some better showing from the Somalis that Washington would consider recognizing the breakaway regime in the north, which resumed the old British name of Somaliland in 1991. "Let's reach out to that group that's functioning and start treating them as a real government, at the price of Somali nationalism." Charles R. Snyder  Acting Assistant Secretary, Bureau of African Affairs [Click  here for more]

Ladies and gentlemen let me clarify this from the outset: I do not come from Somalia. I come from the Republic of Somaliland, which is that peaceful, stable, democratic and independent country next door that very little is known about and whose achievements I am proud to present to you today. [Click to Read More]

"The process of rebuilding the country was the top priority for Somaliland’s women. We have been working with our men side by side and have been the emotional driving-force behind the peace processes"Click for Full report pdf
Somalilanders from UK, Somaliland, Europe, America and Australia Supporting Somaliland Recognition Day. A  Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.
Long Live Somaliland

Click Here for For Articles/press releases supporting Somaliland's Patriotic Day from Patriotic Landers across the globe to support Somaliland's case when the President of Somaliland His Excellency Dahir Rayaale Kahin and his Delegate will visit the UK to give a historical speech to the House of Commons.

Lessons: Multilateralism & 10 Years of Democracy in South Africa by Minister Dr Essop Pahad