Global Assessments Of The Somaliland Foreign Policy

Special Guest Column

By Velimir Philo Tomulic 
lic.iur (Basel) & mr.rer.pol.(Berlin 

From the very beginning, I would like to clarify, that the Assessments given here are in no way ment as a critics to the current strategies of the foreign policies by the Somaliland Government. The aim is to give a broader perception from the German and European point of view on all the necessary strategies for the benefit of the Republic of Somaliland and Somalilanders as an Nation.

By the Assessment we must count what was achieved for the now 15 year’s old Republic of Somaliland within the global world policies. The results are by all means rather meager and this for some objective reasons...but also for some subjective weaknesses of the Government(s) from very beginning...

By objective reasons we firstly have to consider, that the security situation immediately after the proclaimed independence was not satisfactory within the country; therefore the Legitimacy of the new Government was questionable by international standards.

Further more, the OAU (AU) was unwilling to consider that the Sovereignty of the Republic of Somaliland was a result of an genuine national revolution within the civil war in the then Somalia...fearing, that this "opening of the Pandora box" would create new severe problems for whole of Africa, regarding the integrity and boundaries between the African states...

The then President Egal have up to some extent successfully counter-fighted such maneuvers, - specially these by the Arab states under the Egyptian leadership, - by

clear statements about the Legitimacy of Re-Proclamation of Independence and return to the Status Quo Ante, where the Republic of Somaliland was sui generis an independent state and internationally recognized by all the relevant subjects of the International Law.

Pointing to the fact, that the right for self-determination and subsequently national sovereignty could not have been "consumed" by the freely conducted unification with the Somali Republic, President Egal has won the sympathies throughout the (Black) Africa, specially by South Africa. It was also clarified, that the return to the national boundaries of the colonial and post-colonial era was fully in accordance with the all- African- consensus of the only validity of the state boundaries defined by the colonial era.

Starting from these prepositions some crucial errors has been committed in the following years. It would have been necessary to assess the objective parameters of the Arab League towards Somalia and Somaliland...Instead, there was a long living Illusion that the Arabs would finally, within the "Islamic solidarity", support the justly struggle of the Somalilanders for their national sovereignty. Precious human and political resources of the new state has been wasted to persuade the "brotherly Arab states" to reconsider their stand. As a result, an anti Somaliland propaganda was initiated by the Arab block within the international community. The dictatorial regimes of Cairo and Khartoum have started a crusade against the young Somaliland democracy...with always new black-mailings towards black African states, Europe and the USA..."not to interfere in the matters on Horn"...

This strategy has worked for a period of time. But with the ongoing civil war in Sudan and the fragility of the Egyptian regime this has became more difficult - for them...Their latest "success" by the AU-Summit against Somaliland has to be considered as a Phyrus Victory, as their "Swan Song"....A group of African states has openly sided with Somaliland and this fact has to be more exploitated in the near future.

The Strategy must take in to the consideration to utilize an US-European-(black) African Alliance for the recognition of the Independence of the Republic of Somaliland. Hard work, all over again, must be done specially in Europe. Here we have to take in to the account, that only Italy, - by its postcolonial paranoia, - has to be considered as an "enemy" to Somaliland. France will stands "neutrally", by all means, also vis-a-vis Djibouti...Britain is the first address and it is clear, that London more and more supports the recognition...Germany, - "burnt" by the own experiences by initiating the recognition of Croatia and Slovenia during the ongoing Balkan Civil Wars, - is nevertheless willing to participate in any of the British initiatives, being self actively engaged in controlling of Airspace and the Maritime Routes on the Horn of Africa. This European initiative, coordinated with the efforts by South Africa and (hopefully!) Ethiopia should enable the USA, - as the still major player in the Region, - to engage more directly, without fears to be accused of any of "imperialistic" attitudes...Specially, after wrongly being engaged in support of Mogadishu-Militias in the past...

Ethiopia will play a crucial role in these strategies. It has to be more persuaded to honestly play his role...not under the agenda, that..."We love the Somalis so much, that we prefer to have Five of them"...which up to now has ment to "have" them all weak...Somaliland has forever disassociated itself from any of "great Somalian projects", which has caused the miseries not only for the Somali People(s) in the Region, but also for their neighbors. Addis Ababa must understand, that only the strong and sovereign Somaliland can guarantee the peaceful future for Ethiopia and its economic interests...specially in view of the Berbera Corridor. And by all means the huge Oil-Winning-Projects in Ogaden, which could go together with similar projects in Somaliland, Pipeline, with Refineries in Berbera, etc.

The punctual assessment of the goals and results of the Somaliland Foreign Policy has clearly showed, that the strategically important Somaliland, situated in the Gulf of Aden, near the entrance of Bab El Mandab, can play an stable role in the Region and become one of the guarantors for the Peace and Stability of the Region and the Security of International Maritime Routes towards Europe and the USA and southeasterly towards Africa, the Gulf and entire Asia. This must be clearly stated toward the friendly states. London, with his affinities towards the former Protectorate and its people, should be the starting point of such strategies...With close coordination with Berlin, then Brussels and Paris and of course, with Washington. Pretoria and Nairobi, but fore mostly Addis must be incorporated in to the new Offensive of Somaliland Foreign Policy. The vivid democracy and the rejection of political Islamism and Terrorism are the best legitimacies of the Republic of Somaliland in the concert of free Nations of the World. The time has come to exploit these capitals now.

Velimir Philo Tomulic Beethovenstr.2a 60325 Frankfurt (M) Germany

Velimir Philo Tomulic is a longstanding friend and supporter of Somaliland for many years and was actively engaged in the late nineties in support of the Republic abroad, specially within his own country and the European Union. He was a personal friend of the then President Egal, and conducted many missions abroad onbehalf of the late President, Egal. He is a politologist, also specialized in the international public (diplomatic) law.

 Source Haatuf