African Renaissance Centre for Social Research Media and Development (ARECSMED)

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Arecsmed is non-governmental and non-profit seeking organization. It has both local and International NGO status and  has   its   main   office   in  Hargeisa Somaliland,  but  has  also  networking groups from the Somaliland Diaspora communities in Europe and North America.

The director of the centre is Mohamed Rashid Sh.  Hasssan well-known journalist  and  anthropologist who worked for the BBC world service as a producer & broadcaster over 15 years and wrote numerous articles on Somaliland and  Somalia.  He  is  assisted  by experienced researchers.

Objectives of the Centre:

The centre was established to take major role  in  the  reconstruction of Somaliland.

Its main focus include:- 

1-  Promotion of civil   society and good governance

2-  Promotion   of   liberal democracy in connection  with  existing  multi-party system

3-  Encouragement and  improvement of sustainable peace

4-  Promotion of human rights and gender equality

5-   Involvement in developmental issues  to  safeguard  local  products  and  to encourage investment so as to obtain balancing sustainable economy.

6-  Media capacity building both private and government and providing training to journalists to improve their standard of journalism & their access to modern communication technology.

7-  Licensing  the  Somaliland  Diasporic Communities and  give them  advice and support   in their process of integration with local community

8-  Promotion of culture ( songs, poetry and folklore dances)

9-  Conducting  seminars,  debates  and conferences

10- Staging exhibition of local products and cultural skills periodically

11-Active involvement in environmental issues.

12- Active involvement in youth Programs such as sports and  training

Links with other organisations:

The centre has a closer working relationship with Somaliland Journalist  Association(  SOLJA), Coalition   of  Somaliland   NGOs (COSONGO), Somaliland Academy for    Peace    &    Development, Somaliland  Institute  for  Practical Research (IPR),  Somaliland human rights organization  and Somaliland women organizations.

In the wider African context, the center has also the support of some distinguished African scholars  and researchers and University lectures. One of the main objectives of the centre is to be an active link between Somaliland and the rest of Africa, as the centre was established in the Spirit  of the African  Union & NEPAD.


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