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African Renaissance Center For Social
Science Research, Media And Development


 Peace, Security and Development
In The Horn of Africa “the Somaliland Experience

                                                                                                       August 1-2, 2004



 Human right’s violation and the deterioration of security situation and civil war in the former Somali Republic has given rise to its collapse and the emergence of the Republic of Somaliland. The lack of International recognition of Somaliland as yet and the absence of government in Somalia has created a sense of insecurity in the region and the possibility of the development of social and political atmosphere prone to the emergence of terrorist elements in the region.

This conference is the first of its kind that has ever been held in Somaliland to bring together International Scholars and Researchers, from the African Continent.  The conference has two objectives; - 

  1. To give an opportunity to the International and African Scholars and Researchers to have a meaningful discussion about the future of the Horn.
  2. To consider Somaliland experience as an excellent example of African renaissance and self-reliance that deserves both attention and discussion.

As such, the conference will focus on the following topics: - 

  1. Peace and Security and Development
  2. Democracy and Governance.
  3. Media and Society.

The conference is organized by the Africa Renaissance Center for Social Science Research Media and Development (ARECSMED) in corporation with Somaliland Ministry of Information and National Guidance.

ARECSMED is non-governmental and non-profit seeking organization.  It has both local and international NGOs status and has its main office in Hargeisa Somaliland, but has also networking groups with Somaliland Diaspora communities world-wide.

The director of the center is Dr. Mohamed-Rashid Sh,. Hassan well-known journalist and anthropologist who worked for the BBC World Service Somali section as a producer and broadcaster over 15 years and wrote numerous articles on Somaliland and Somalia.  He is assisted by experienced researchers.

 The center has a closer working relationship with the government institutions of  the Republic of Somaliland and civil societies.

In the wider African context, the center has also the support of some distinguished African Scholars and Researchers and University lectures. One of the main objectives of the center is serve as an active link between Somaliland and the rest of Africa, as the Center was established in the spirit of the African Union and NEPAD.

Any further information can be contacted to Dr. Mohamed-Rashid Sh, Hassan.

Hargeisa Somaliland.
Home Tell: 252 2 517012 or 527780 or
Mobile: 252 2 429498
Email: rashid108@hotmail.com

Saed M. Hussein
Executive Secretary of the Minister of Information
00 252 2 424527 Mobile
00 252 828 5109 Soltelco

E-mail: Siciidnayl@yahoo.com


Tentative  schedule of the Conference

1st August 2004
Activity Time Person
Morning Session
1 Registration 8:00-8:15 Secretary
2 Welcoming Note 8:15-8:20 Dr. Mohamed Rashid Sh. Hassan
3 Opening Speech


President/Vice President


Keynote Speech
Peace, Security and Development in Horn of Africa


Prof. Kinfe Abraham
President of Ethiopian International
Institute for Peace and Development (EIIPD) Ethiopia

5 Discussion 9:00-9:50

Chairperson and Leading the Discussion;
 Dr. Sa’ad Sh. Osman Nor
Somaliland Representative in the United States

6 Break “Refreshments” 9:50-10:10 Participants
7 The Somaliland Experience “Peace making and governance” 10:10-10:30

Abdilqadir H.  Ismail Jirdeh
1st Vice Chairman of Somaliland Parliament


Somaliland Experience

“Role of Civil Society”


Fadumo Sa’eed Ibrahim
UNDP, Hargeisa.

9 Discussion “Chairperson and Leading the Discussion” 10:50-11:30

Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Guuleed.
President of Amoud University, Borama Somaliland..

10 Islam Democracy Peace and Development 11:30-11:50 Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri
Islamic Scholar, Philosopher,  Writer and Founder of Academy of Self Knowledge (ASK)
11 Islam Democracy Peace and Development 11:50-12:10

Sh. Almis Yahya
Islamic Scholar from Somaliland Diaspora
Community, Finland.

12 Discussion 12:10-1:00

DR.  Iqbal Jhazbhay, South African Institute of International Affairs,
(SAIIA) and member of ANC,
South Africa
Chairperson and Leading the Discussion.

13 Salat and Lunch 1:00 – 2:00 Participants
Afternoon Session
14 Horn of Africa economic integration problems and possibilities 2:00-2:20 Adam Abdi Adar
Program Manager
Save the Children [U.S.A] Somaliland.
15 Peace and Security and Development in the Horn: The role of private economy sector 2:00-2:40 Dr. Saad A. Shire                                    Managing Director                                    Dahabshiil Company, UK
16 Discussion 2:40-3:30

Ali Salaan Ismail Jirdi (Shonbi,)
 Economic analyst. Somilaland
Chairperson and Leading the Discussion.

17 Salat and Coffee Break 3:30-4:00 Participants
18 Culture and Social Science Research in the Horn of Africa 4:00-4:20

Dr. Martin Orwing
Expert on Horn of African Cultures and Languages

School of Oriental African Studies (SOAS), University of London

19 Culture and Social Science Research in the Horn of Africa 4:20-4:40

Mr. Idiris Yusuf Elmi
Director,  Center for Research and Study.
The Republic of Djibouti


20 Discussion 4:40-5:25

Dr. Said Ahmed Hassan
Scholar and Educationalist
Chairperson and Leading the Discussion.


21 Closing Remarks 5:25-5:30

Mr. Mustapha-Rashad
ARECSMED & University of Hargeisa



Tentative  schedule of the Conference

2nd August 2004
No Activity Time Person
Morning Session
1 Registration 8:00-8:15 Secretary
2 Welcoming Note 8:15—8:30

Jawahir M. Ali Sheikh Madar
Somaliland Representative to Sub-Saharan Africa & Malaysia.

3 Democracy and Governance in Africa. 8:30-9:10

Dr. Tajudeen Abdurahman

General secretary of Pan-African Movement, Uganda.

4 Discussion. 9:10-10:00

Prof.Mohamed Said Ges
Director of Peace and Development Institute


5 Break and Refreshment 10:00-10:25 Participants
6 Reflections on AU and Nepad; a Nigerian Experience 10:30-11:10 Ahmed Magaji, Minister (Economic Affairs). Nigeria
7 Discussion 11:10-12:20

Dr. Hussein Bulhan
Former Head of Peace Institute and Development of Somaliland.
“Chairperson and Leading Discussion”

8 Salat and Lunch 12:20-2:00 Participants
Afternoon Session
9 Media and Society 2:00 – 3:20

Ahmed Rajab
Editor of African Analysis .UK

Jamal Nkrumah

External Editor of Al-Ahram   Egypt


Yusuf Abdi Gaboobe
Editor in-chief of HATUF Media Group of Somaliland


Abdullah Wayab
General Sectary of Somaliland Journalist Association


10 Discussion 3:20-4:20 Dr. Mohamad Rashid Sh. Hassan
Director of Africa Renaissance Center for Social Media and Development (ARECSEMED.) Chairperson and leading the discussion
11 Conclusion and Recommendations 4:20-5:15 Dr. Matt Bryden
Senior Advisor
WSP International Somali Program.
Chairperson and leading the discussion
12 Closing Remarks 5:15-5:30

Mr. Abdilahi M. Duale
Minister of Information