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Letter of Appreciations to the UK House of Parliament
Feb 08 2004 Hargeisa, Somaliland (Somaliland Net) - Letter of Appreciation to UK House of Commons from MP Mr. Abdulkadir Mohamed Hassan (Indho), Member of Somaliland House of Elders. for for the Courageous, truthful and just contributions During the debate on Somaliland recognition And development aid.

To: All members of the Select Committee for
International Development, who visited Somaliland
On 24th-25th January, 2004, and Contributors to the
Debate on Somaliland, at the UK House of Commons, on 4/2/04

The Honourable Mr. Tony Worthington (Clydebank and Milngavie),
“ “ Mr. Tony Baldry (Banbury).
“ “ Mr. Tony Colman (Putney).
“ “ Mr. Andrew Rob than (Blaby).
“ “ Mr. Quentin Davies (Graham and Stamford).
“ “ Mr. John Barrett (Edinburgh, West).
“ “ Mr. Frank Cook
“ “ Kevin Bremen (Cardiff, West)
“ “ John Berrow (Buckingham)

Dear Sirs,
Subject: Sincere Thanks and Appreciation for the
Courageous, truthful and just contributions
During the debate on Somaliland recognition
And development aid.

Please accept my personal and sincere thanks and appreciation for the courageous, truthful and just speeches as contributions to the recent debate on the issues of Somaliland’s recognition and development aids.
Certainly, it is a difficult task for me to describe the extent of my good feelings and/or how I became very pleased with the reports presented by members of the Select Committee for International development that was made in result of their visit to Somaliland on the 24th-25th January 2004. Naturally, your jointly expressed feelings, views and unified action to support the just cause of neglected Somaliland by the UK and other members of the International Community as a whole, is surely a historical event and a brave step that will be hailed by coming generations for the triumph of peace, democracy and the principles of human rights.
As a member of Somaliland’s House of Elders (Upper chamber of Parliament), who represent the Taleh Constituency of the Sool Region of Somaliland, I would like to earnestly appeal to the government of the UK, and other peace loving people of the world, including members of the Select Committee for International Development of the UK House of Commons for their urgent intervention to thwart the criminal intent of Abdillahi Yusuf, the warlord of Puntland, who carried out his armed intervention for the sole aim of creating chaos and new armed conflicts, so as to jeopardize and destroy the peace, stability and democratic rule reached in Somaliland.
Therefore, the members of the Harti clans, who are living in the Sool and Eastern parts of Sanag Regions of Somaliland are condemning the false claim of this war criminal, and genuinely asks all concerned to work hard for his arrest and to bring him before a court of justice, for committing many atrocities against his own people
Otherwise we are content and broad of your deeds, by applauding your commitments on our behalf, and by calling for the continuity of your good work. Finally, I would like to inform you that the Chairman of the House of Elders Sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Yusuf Sheikh Madar, who is the highest ranking official of the two chambers of Somaliland’s Parliament, is also working on an official letter of thanks and appreciation for your sincere deeds, which will be sent to you as soon as possible.
Thank you again for your support and assistance for our just cause.

Mr. Abdulkadir Mohamed Hassan (Indho),
Member of Somaliland House of Elders.
Hargeisa, Somaliland,
Email: MP Abdulkadir Mohamed Hassan (indho)


Letter of Appreciation from From Sanaag Diaspora United
UK Branch, London, UK
Andrew Robathan (Blaby) (Con)

Mr. Quentin Davies (Grantham and Stamford) (Con)

John Barrett (Edinburgh, West) (LD)

Mr. John Berrow (Buckingham) (Con)

Dear Sirs,
Subject: Sincere Thanks and Appreciation.

We have watched your debate on 4th feb04 with extreme delight and sense of great appreciation. We thought it was truthful, courageous, ambitious and right, which is the attribute, which we expect from The Right Honourable Mr Tony Worthington and his colleagues. We, as a large group, who are citizen of great Brittan and descendent of Somaliland, would now like to tell you how grateful and appreciative we all are for the Just course you are taken to show the world community that the people of Somaliland do exist and they have the right to be here and heard. As you have seen with your own eyes people of Somaliland have chosen peace against violence and chaos which is the norm in the rest of what used to be Somali republic, they chosen democracy against dictatorship, freedom against oppressiveness, rule of law and respect of human life against genocide and abuse of human rights. Somaliland has appraised democracy and the principles of human rights, we wouldn’t want to regurgitate the facts to you, which you are fully aware of, but we are here to let you know that we are aware of what you have done and we thank you, and encourage you to continue your effort and good work for the people of Somaliland, we are also here to help you in whichever and whatever you need from us, whether it is current information or volunteers for research and data gathering in any where in Somaliland particularly in our region (Sanaag) which is the least developed area of Somaliland.

We thank you again for the interest you shown our neglected and needy country.

Mohamed Ali Gibril

Acting chair

Sanaag Diaspora United (SDU) [1]


Letter to the UK. Parliament By Aniis



I have the honour to address this emergency appeal to You, Trimester Tony Blarr, International Organizations, Friendly government and NGO’s on behalf of the Citizens of Somaliland Republic.


The Republic of Somalia came into existence as a result of the unification of (British Somaliland Protectorate) and Italian Somalia on the 1st of July 1960. The following condition set by the politicians of Italian Somalia. Set the stage for the present dissolution of the union.

1- The Flag and the Constitution of the south-Italian Somalia should be those of the Union.
2- Mogadisho to be the capital and the seat of government.
3- the president should be from the south.
4- the commander of the army and the police should be southerners.

This great imbalance of political power was further accentuated by the division of seats in the Unions National Assembly (Parliament). 90 of the total seats of 123 belonged to the south. The estimated population ratio was then about 2/3 in favour of the south. As early as 1961, the army officers of the north organized an ill-fated coup against southern domination. It was of course quickly crushed. Because of the popular belief in national unity. The north was indeed reduced to an inferior region. Its share of the national cake was always minimal. A deliberate policy of economic starvation and political domination of the north was the order of the day. The ill feeling and resentment of the North were never being redressed by the successive representative government of the Republic.

The rise of Dictator Siad Barre to power in October 1969 unleashed untold horrors. The Somali National Movement ( SNM ), took up arms against the Dictator Siad Barre in 1981. The Organization liberated the North in 1991 and declared on the 18th of May 1991 the separate independent and sovereign state of Somaliland Republic. The declaration of independence was proclaimed after conducting a lot of consultations with the elders, politicians and intellectuals of all groups and all tribes. In fact the population pressured the SNM to declare independence. The declaration of the newly born state is the true expression of the will of the people.


Peace stability and national reconciliation are urgent issues which the Somaliland government addressed itself to non-Isaak tribes were invited participate in the national government. At present they hold the Presidency and Speaker of the Parliament. Their share of portfolios of the government, a fair representation in the constituent Assembly should also be devised and allocated to these tribes. This so in order to enable them to take part in the fundamental decisions which this representation should effectively be achieved. Is entrusted to the government and the non-Isaak Tribes their fair and effective representation is are entitled to exercise and enjoy.


The government of Somaliland Republic is the effective and unchallenged authority of the North (Former Somaliland British Protectorate). The government enjoy the support of the population, these is peace for the first time after a long period of repression. The dramatic change of the political map of Europe set presidents that support our case, our case. Our unilateral declaration of independent is not a secession, It is a restoration of a past status queue. We got our independence on June 26 1960, the south on 1st July 1960. We were independent five days ahead of the south. As that we did once for all.

The political map of the Horn of Africa with the rise of Eritrea and Somaliland has also change; the “ New World Order “ favours the downfall of African dictators. That is being swept by the current wind of change in Africa. The break-up of cumbersome states in Europe is also welcome. The recognition of the emerging states is the order of the day. Though recognition is essentially a political decision the identical situation of the emergent states of both continents neither be denied nor overlooked.

Political solution of political problems is a preferable option. The government of Somaliland Republic is anxious to solve outstanding problems with southern Somalia. Our independence and separate statehood are not subject to negotiations. Our unilateral declaration of the sovereign state of Somaliland is irreversible. The warring factions of the south are not likely to entertain at the moment a peaceful settlement of their problems.

Political solution in the absence of a southern partner is a remote possibility. The recognition of our newly born Republic is held up for the fact that the south as an entity is non-existent. Our case for recognition should not suffer for factors beyond our control. The U.K Parliament and International community should view our case on its own merit.


The Republic of Somaliland is in a dire need of International aid. Infrastructures, water supply systems, hospitals, schools, and entire cities and villages are pilled to the ground by the Somalian army. Minefield was indiscriminately planted throughout the country. Demeaning presents a problems that the Somaliland government and the public are

Determined to put their maximum efforts to help themselves. NGO’s , International organizations etc, are given maximum cooperation and protection of their staffs live and properties.


The destruction, which the southern army of occupation has inflicted, is unparalleled entire cities and villages are pulled to the ground. Indiscriminate planting of minefields further cripples the possibility of reconstruction. As the former masters of the North, Southern politicians old or new unlikely to easily come to terms with the fact-of-life reality that has emerged. Aid donor, NGO’s and International organizations are request to consider the unique case of the Republic of Somaliland unlike other disaster-stricken situations our country has to start reconstruction and rehabilitation right from the scratch. In all other situations the devastation and destruction were not total or nationwide. In our case we are left with a physical environment devoid of every thing to live on, and a destitute population a refugee population robbed of all their independent means of livelihood.

We have to realize that we are not different from the former Yugoslavia, and former Soviet Union, who break up into different independent countries. If Ukrain, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, and Bosnia can be a Sovereign countries, why not in Somaliland?
We have to have the will, the political will and collective will. We have a right to get self-determination and get recognition from the world.

Everybody must believe and understand that the past can no longer be re-created, and there will be no more of the artificial Nation-State of the SO-CALLED-GREAT-SOMALIA. We have dreams; dreams born of the new mood of desperation; Dream of sovereignty of dignity, of education, health, employment, social welfare and so on.


If you can look into the faces of those whose world have been torn famine and war and feel in some way responsible. You know the meaning of love
If you can see people with little or no hope and know that their survival is very much licked to your own. You know the meaning of brotherhood.
If you can feel that those of you, who have been blessed with abundance should share with those less fortunate. You know the meaning of charity.
If you can look into the eyes of hungry child and feel the pains.
You know the meaning of compassion.
If you can travel to the end of the world to bring hope to those who would otherwise never know it. You know the meaning of courage.
And if you can see a smile in the faces of those who should have no reason to smile. You know that there is still time. TO CAN GIVE US RECOGNITION

I should therefore be considered for immediate recognition and development aid in order to help us cope with tremendous problems we face.



Other Articles regarding The British Parliament Delegation
Jan 29 2004 Hargeisa, (Somaliland Net), Speech by the Spokesman of the Harti Clans Mr Abulqadir .M. Hassan ( MP) of Somaliland’s Parliament.
To: The Honorable Visiting British ParliamentaryDelegation To Somaliland.
Subject: Speech by the Spokesman of the Harti Clans Mr Abulqadir .M. Hassan ( MP) of Somaliland’s Parliament.

Speaking on behalf of the Harti clans legislators of the Somaliland Parliament, I would like to welcome Your Excellency’s visit to our country.

I hope that some of your members might recall that since time immemorial, part of the Harti Clans including the Dulbahante and Wersengeli sections were native citizens of Somaliland. The former British colonial governments that ruled the then Somaliland Protectorate for a period of 76 years (1884-11960), as well as the current British administration is quite familiar and bear witness to the reality of our existence and the dynamic rule we played for the development of Somaliland together with other communities living in the country.

However, there are some anti-peace elements, and other people who do not have interest in democracy, and whose intent is to block the emerging democratic governance in Somaliland. Such people include Abdillahi Yusuf, the so-called leader of the Puntland State, who is known as a brutal dictator, is determined to create mischief and new armed conflict between us, the Harti groups of Somaliland and other communities living in the country.

Certainly, the experience of Somaliland is one of the most successful experiments of democracy in the Horn of Africa. While we can frankly call the reclamation of Somaliland’s sovereignty, was an action reached jointly by the whole communities living in the country. It is also worthwhile to mention that in 1991 when the victorious SNM captured Somaliland and drove out the dictatorship forces, they had undertaken and initiated the first reconciliation conference in Bureo for all the clans of the country. They opted then to reunite all the people of Somaliland, instead of embarking on retaliatory actions against us, the Harti of Somaliland because of our relationship with the former ruling Darood tribe. And this is part of the tolerance and democratic characteristics outlined in the provisions of Somaliland’s traditional laws and social justice.

Historically, the Harti clans of Somaliland had 7 members in the legislative council or parliament when the British left the country in 1960. But the number has currently increased and reached 35 members of parliament for the Harti, which is a positive step and generous act of reconciliation put forward by other clans of Somaliland as gestures of good intent and purpose. In addition to that, members of the Harti clans hold other major positions in the three organs of the State of Somaliland, such as the Chair of the House of Representative, President of the supreme court and Chairman of the National Electoral commission and several other portfolios including the Minister of Justice. Certainly all these courageous and wise actions indicate the maturity of Somaliland’s leaders, and the workable democratic system that have taken root among the community.

But, nevertheless, the forces of evil and the blood thirsty warlords of Somalia, such as Abdullahi Yusuf are determined to destroy the peaceful co-existence, good governance and the flourishing democratic rule of Somaliland, through the creation of new conflicts between the different communities living in the country.

At this juncture, Your Excellencies, though the government and people of the United Kingdom are quite familiar with the current situation and the historical background of Somaliland, yet the Harti clans of Somaliland do hereby declare that they have nothing to do with this unlawful incursion. We also earnestly request your government’s intervention to stop this evil aggression made against Somaliland, and which was undertaken by the Majertain warriors, who are grossly responsible for the devastations of Somalia in the past, for the sole aim of distinguishing the flame of democracy in Somaliland and to cover their ultimate failure to bring peace and reconciliation for their own people in southern Somalia.

Being legislators of the first and greatest democratic nation on earth, as well as being also our former mentor and role model, Britain has earned the appreciation of the Somaliland people for leaving our social institution and traditional laws intact after 76 years of colonial rule. And through this action, we undoubtedly became able to restore peace and reconciliation to a devastated nation that was flattened by a brutal dectatorship.

Finally, this fruitful peace and reconciliation and the emerging democratic rule and good governance in Somaliland are ought to be defended and consolidated by all the peace loving people of the world including the British people and government through giving us the undue recognition that we deserves.

.....................More will be updated......