Condolences from Our Hearts, SIRAG
SIRAG would like to send their condolences to the family, relatives, friends, colleagues, children of SOS and all those whom Richard and Enid Eyeington have departed from.


Children of SOS we Somalilanders all over the world mourn with you;
A rainbow has lost one of its colours the day Richard and Enid Eyeington departed from us;
Sheikh a small town of Somaliland has shed tears of sorrows from their hearts;
Hearts that will take lifetime to heal;
Richard and Enid departed from us and joined with their Creator;
Where they will be honoured above us all;
They left their hometown to serve humanity and teach  knowledge;
Knowledge that God Almighty has given a special status;
A status where the self confessed ignorant has no place;
A self confessed ignorant soul has no light and hence no humanity;
It is like entering a dark room with no light;
Light  that is only owned by those who preserve humanity;
For humanity itself is a gift from God and a gift that is guarded with humility;
In Islam the learned and the unlearned have no equal status;
Especially when the unlearned has no desire to better him/herself;
With knowledge comes humility;
With humility comes humanity;
With humanity comes our connectedness no matter what part you occupy on this globe;
Pioneers of humanity like Richard and Enid Eyeington left a lesson for all of us to learn from;
A lesson that we must treat justice with justice;
Where we don't protect those who do injustice on our mother earth;
Sheikh is the land of Knowledge where Somaliland's best leaders graduated from;
A small town humble in its own way;
A town where no outside civilization has touched;
Pure in its own heritage and indigenous way of living;
A unique feature that Richard and Enid Eyeington found humble indeed;
Well the time has come to we wipe our tears;
For the rainbow must get back its colour;
Richard and Enid Eyeington's dreams and inspirations for SOS children must be honoured;
Their quest for world knowledge must live on with the will of the Almighty God;
For none of us can stop the ticking of Time;
Time that will test us whether we lived up to our promises;
Today in peace we pray to Richard and Enid Eyeington;
That God  Almighty may welcome them with His Mercy
And honour us in helping their dream come true for our beloved children of SOS around the globe;
Our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him told us "Possessors of knowledge and seekers of knowledge are the only two groups of any use to humanity"
Let man and woman reflect on this and serve humanity with humility even if they have to travel light years to achieve it;

Peace be on our planet and may humanity reach everyone's heart and soul, Aamiin.