Condolences from the Team of TV Somaliland Europe

Dear (UK)Gentlemen & the Richard and Enid family

Please, receive our genuine condolences and solidarity.First and foremost, our sympathies are with the two children and grandchildren, which Richard and Enid have left behin. You have lost your dear and cherished the best parents in this planet. The Republic of Somaliland has lost a couple of its most exceptional, gifted, and competent cadres. UK have lost a representative they prided themselves on.

And the family of human beings has lost a gifted couple of indisputable idealism, integrity, commitment, perseverance, and unique experience.

On behalf of Somaliland and the Team of TV SOMALILAND EUROPE, we pledge you to resist to all ill guided attempts to weaken the influence, work, and very existence of international multilateral bodies.

May you keep acting as a moral authority and voice for victims.
May you keep your efforts to streamline the human rights perspective into each of the aid workers programmes - peace and security, economic and social affairs, developmental cooperation and humanitarian affairs.

And may Richard Eyeington and his wife Enid inspiration guide you through your engagement in meeting current and future challenges on the crucial human rights sphere.
Sincerely yours,

TV Somaliland Europe

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