Somaliland Must Never Ever Forget This Cruel Genocide against Humanity
Somaliland Deserves Justice
These are our brothers, our cousins, our uncles or our beloved fathers, May Allah rest their souls in Peace;
He or She who does not reflect on history and learn from its cruel chapters is only a fool;
Somaliland my beloved nation what has inspired you to pursue a dream for Greater Somali Republic on your own;
A dream that you were rewarded with legacy of blood shed where your history nearly got wiped out of this earth;
A dream that was shattered by ruthless dictators and warmongers who until today have blood stained in their hands;
Did not those fools know only God Almighty can wipe a nation;

The blue flag with its five stars representing of what should have been the five regions of the Great Somali Republic not cruel Somalia is only a constant reminder of cruelty and pain to our hearts;
What a deceit,
What an injustice;
From the beginning little did we know of the deceit and injustice that was waiting for us;
Did we ever envisage that a genocide was looming against our own nation;
We are only human beings and God is the Knower of all things;

But now we are much stronger;
Our eyes are open wide and surely our hearts have got stronger with experience full of pain;
Never will we entertain your ideology of deceit and injustice covered up in a dream;
A dream with so many faces;
Luring and lying to everyone saying that we are one people and speak one language and believe in one religion;
What language did you speak when you were master minding the genocide left and right;
What God did you believe in when you were killing our brothers and sisters, uncles and fathers not to mention our grand parents and our little children;

Only fools can be persuaded who do not learn from history;
One advice we have for you all, God will deal with you on Judgement Day
But until then we have to guard our nation against your evil plans;
Let those who are under your blind leadership learn from our history as well;
For if they don't they are worse than fools;
History will show no mercy to them;
Surely God will also test them for Allah is Fair and does not welcome Injustice;

My beloved Somaliland look into your heart and speak out;
Don't let any one cover injustice over  justice;
Your history must be shown to the world for all to see;
Let them feel your pain;
Let them share your sorrows;
God is a witness to what happened to your nation;
From now on move on to rebuild your nation;
May Allah strengthen your hearts with wisdom and justice for the future generation;.

Insha'Allah we will build schools for all to learn;
With the Help of Almighty God we will bring justice for Somaliland;
Somaliland will always be the shining star of Africa;
A land full of beauty and a history full of sorrows but with hope for a brighter future;
Education is the mother of civilization;
He or She who is not educated will only bring injustice to Africa;

My beloved Somaliland, let worry not touch you for mother Africa will always look out for you;
For you are the child that grew up with wisdom;
A child that grew up in the Land of Milk and Peace;
Somaliland, May God Bless Somaliland.

Chairwoman, SIRAG