Reports on Somaliland for Research:
Somaliland an African Succes Story: Undermining Somaliland sadly also undermines the goals of promoting poverty alleviation, peace, stability, and good governance in Africa. Failure to recognise Somaliland would be a great discredit to human rights and to democracy itself, and would destroy the hard-won stability that Somaliland enjoys today.
The UNPO is pleased to announce that six new members have been admitted to the Organization: the Oromo, Southern Cameroons, Buffalo River Dene Nation, Maasai, Nahuas del Alto Balsas and Somaliland. The UNPO welcomes these new members and looks forward to their active role within the Organization.
Terror Alert in Somaliland, Click this Link for  more news. 

Simon Reeves in Somaliland as part of the program 'Places that Don't Exist
African Union Reports on Recognition of Somaliland:
''Somaliland and the Issue of International Recognition'', Dustin Dehéz ,PINR,23 January 2006=
Somaliland: Foreign companies to fund projects at Berbera port
A New Mass Grave Discovered At HargeysaA New Mass Grave Discovered At Hargeysa, Somaliland Times
Problematic of Collapsed States: Somalia and Non-recognized state of Somaliland by Dr. Endo Mitsugi, Japan University, Tokyo. pdf file in Japanese[Click here to download] 
SOMALILAND Africa’s best kept secret, A challenge to the international community? IQBAL JHAZBHAY [Click Here to read. pdf]
  • Dr. Mills, Director of SA Institute of International Affairs (Researching in Somaliland): 
    Aid could be doing more harm than good.
    Dr Greg Mills is the national director of the SA Institute of International Affairs. He has been researching in Somaliland
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  • Shanon Field, Global Dialogue Somaliland - "the Little Country that Could"
    by Shannon Field [Full Report]
Federalism not kiss of death for Africa.
"Prof. A. Mazrui thus holds Somaliland should be allowed to go its own way as a prelude to eventual pan-Somali reintegration. The question, though, is whether the AU will resist trying to impose unity and allow such a process to unfold without continuing to penalise Somaliland?" Click Here to Read More
SOMALILAND/Dianna Games Painful Push for Recognition  "However, the international community should not underestimate Somaliland's determination to succeed. Across the board, people say they will fight to keep the independence they have already fought so hard for".....[Click to Read Full Report]
"The Republic of Somaliland is a De-facto State and shares borders with the Republic of Djibouti to the west, Federal Republic of Ethiopia to the south and Somalia to the east".
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Walta Information Centre
Post Egal Somaliland: Opportunities, Ambitions, and Constraints by 
Adam Musse Jibrl
SNM Executive Committee Memorandum Somaliland: 
On The Restoration of Its Sovereignty And Independence
The author’s flashback is often surreal and daunting to revisit, sometimes distressing to read and occasionally comical to believe.
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UK Parliament Publications: The Select Committee on International Development Report on Somaliland 
Recommendations for International Donors & NGOs, Governments, US Government and UN (downloadable pdf file)

Somaliland: Independent or Not?

NBC:Late Somaliland President "Our history and our identity have completely disappeared from the world for 30 years, and now we are telling the world that there is a country called Somaliland," Egal told NBC News. [Click to Read More]
Inside Somaliland 
By Iyvette Lopez
Connecting Virtual Communities through ICT
Iqbal Jhazbhay chastises African Commission for ignoring Somaliland and Western-Saharan issues
Somaliland:  Democratisation and Its Discontents  
Report on Familiarisation Tour on Somaliland by Centre For Humanrights,South Africa
Lessons from Somaliland: appropriate technology for ‘Peace processes’ by Professor I.M. Lewis
The Africa Union, whose politicians and senior officials are generally ignorant of, and uninterested in, political conditions in Somaliland and Somalia, simply oppose Somaliland on the dubious basis of the sacred inviolability African state boundaries. One motive is to avoid creating precedents which might help to unseat corrupt authoritarian rulers at home. Perhaps, also they do not want to encourage the kind of democracy that flourishes in Somaliland.

Understanding why the world pretends Somaliland doesn't exist tells us about the foibles of the international politics of recognition. [Click Here to Read More

Ulf Terlinden on-line bibliography 
SOMALILAND Africa’s best kept secret, A challenge to the international community? by Iqbal Jhazbhay (pdf)
Ambassador Schermerhorn, In each visit, I could see the good changes happening in Somaliland. [Click Here to Read More]

Memory Of Mohamed Ibrahim Egal A True Son Of Africa Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, politician: born Odweyne, British Somaliland Protectorate 15 August 1928

"The process of rebuilding the country was the top priority for Somaliland’s women. We have been working with our men side by side and have been the emotional driving-force behind the peace processes"Click here for Full report pdf

Charles Snyder brings his forty years of work in Africa to bear in a candid view of the continent's leaders, hot spots, and causes for optimism.[Click here for more]

Somaliland Is Here to Stay By Roger Hearing in Hargeisa