This page will include all the global citizens/personalities that contact SIRAG as a result of the program that Simon Reeves made :

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  • Marcel is lucky to be the youngest Ambassador and Friend of  Somaliland. He has the heart of an adult and would like to promote Somaliland and Africa through the education of Geography. Marcel is lucky to have his heart in this subject and definitely Africa has also found a new friend and an Ambassador from the global community. Let us not forget as his Papa said Marcel is a bit of a "Mozart of Geography".

 Marcel, we wish you all the luck with your endeavour in supporting humanity.  


Inspired by the Program 'Places that Don't Exist' by Simon Reeves:

Sang Kun 'macho' CHO has become a friend of Somaliland by watching Simon Reeves' program on Countries that don't Exist. Please click on the picture on the top of this page to visit Simon Reeve's Website:

Sang Kun 'Macho' CHO :

Sang Kun 'Macho' CHO has the following websites but would soon build a dedicated website for Somaliland. Please visit SIRAG's website for update:

Other websites of his work:


Country Profile of South Korea:

Thank You Simon Reeves for your coverage on Somaliland