Somaliland International Recognition Action Group(SIRAG)
London, UK

Press Release

Victory to the nation of Somaliland for their Historical Parliamentary Elections

SIRAG would like to first congratulate the people of Somaliland for successfully completing their historic parliamentary elections to close the final chapter of their statehood. We would also like to extend our most humble congratulations to the leaders of the political parties of Somaliland who have shown excellent leadership and dedication to complete the journey that Somaliland has embarked on for statehood.

Our special thanks goes to the honourable friends of Somaliland who through their dedication and energy and interest for humanity, democracy and human rights challenged the International community for not listening to Somalilandís quest for statehood. Our honourable friends travelled those extra miles for the  people of Somaliland when no one else listened to them. Surely it has been a lonely and challenging time.

 Finally our solidarity is with the Youth and Women of Somaliland who have worked against all odds to rebuild their country from shattered dreams turning those dreams into hope and reality  not only for the  nation of Somaliland but for the whole of humanity and especially for the horn of Africa.

 Let us cherish the dreams and hopes of yesterday which we are witnessing today. Let us also remind our nation that the future of Somaliland was built on the fruits of hopes and dedication by great people whom most of them are not with us today may God rest their souls in peace.

 SIRAG would like to remind the nation and the political parties of Somaliland that the journey to democracy has just started. Somaliland has started the first milestone of her journey towards democracy which is forever demanding and challenging. The international community will monitor our progress to honour our achievements.  How hard we work and overcome those challenges will be witnessed by our youth the future leaders of Somaliland who are forever watching our efforts and will honour us accordingly. Let history be a witness to that.

God Bless Somaliland, God Bless Humanity

Mrs. Lulu Farah
Chairwoman of SIRAG