The Colonial Administration in British Somaliland to Her Majesty Government testifies Somaliland people love for peace, freedom and equality in a 1952 report:

“…they have ethnologically and politically claims to racial individualism that would seem to be at least as good as our own, while there is no reason to suppose that their love of independence and liberty is any less than of the Americans or ours”.

I would add, today we have lost 30 years of our identity, our nationality, our history and above all  the injustice suffered by a whole generation be it great leaders, visionaries, heroes, heroines  who are no longer with us to share their stories with us . However, what we have not lost is our dignity, our honour and love for peace and liberty and the right to protect our women, children and the weak.  

Today Somaliland is an  Independent and a Sovereign State (though not recognised by the International community). We have to honour our youth and lay the foundation for them so that they can inherit a positive future. A future built on peace, freedom and respect for human rights for all. 

Our people must  honour their country and preserve justice for all. We are on  a journey, a journey built on justice and love for humanity. If we continue to uphold our cultural values and beliefs, our newly democratic principles, respecting the rule of law for all and continue to build our nation from bottom up we will not let our nation down, nor the dreams of our great leaders, our visionaries, our heroes, our heroines who are no longer with us. Last not but least  the prayers and inspirations of our elders must be remembered always.

We have one message for the International Community that is to grant the nation of Somaliland the diplomatic recognition they deserve. This right is not only about the basic fundamental human right of every citizen of Somaliland including those living in the diaspora but also to regain our history that we have lost over the last 30 years. We the nation of Somaliland must start rewriting our history from scratch so that our future generations do not lose their identity. Our history has been systematically destroyed hence our existence as a nation over the last 30 years. Every human and law abiding citizen of this global community must take our plea of justice into his/his heart. Our nation will not beg, for begging is not a human quality but we will rather wait for justice though the more this justice is delayed the more our people will suffer.

The International Community must respect our basic rights to dignity, justice and above all the right to exist as a Sovereign State. Somaliland has reclaimed her Sovereignty in 1991 and since that time we proved to the International community that a tiny nation like Somaliland can  create miracles in a continent  that is stigmatised by  lack of democracy. Over the last decade Somaliland has done far more better than a lot of Sovereign African  countries. The International community must give credit where credit is due.  

The people of Somaliland have hearts made of gold and never forget a friend's favour, especially when this friend is a champion of justice for humanity. Let us not forget that humanity is the chord of our solidarity as Intelligent people who share the same dreams of love, peace and solidarity across the globe. We all belong to one nation that is the human nation. The beauty of this human  nation is that we have one organ to think from and that is the human  heart.  It is the heart that feels our inspirations, ideologies, our sufferings, joy and above all our vision for a better world for tomorrow's generation.

Peace for Mankind wherever she/he maybe on this planet.


Marwo Lulu Farah
Chairwoman of SIRAG