Hargiesa Theatre in ruins - Somaliland

Simon Reeves in Somaliland, Places that don't exist
Africa O5 in Somaliland Shaheera in Somaliland:
Today, 11 years after it declared independence, Somaliland is a country of true African endurance,it has an elected president, a multi-party democracy, and works towards a life of peace and prosperity. 

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Home of Somaliland Literature (in Somali) 
Somaliland Poets
Listen to samples of Qarami(old classical) Music
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Geldof In Africa TV Series Starts 20th June 2005 -BBC1 - Part of the Africa Lives Season

Leaving Live Aid and politics to one side, Bob Geldof makes a personal journey through Africa to learn more about the culture and, through people's experiences, understand the forces that make the continent what it is.

SOMALILAND Africa’s best kept secret, A challenge to the international community?  IQBAL JHAZBHAY
 [Click Here to read. pdf] 

Welcome Home to Nothing, Refugees Repatriate to a Forgotten Somaliland, US Committee for Refugees:
Recommendations for International Donors & NGOs From the Committe of , Governments, US Government and UN (downloadable pdf file)
UK Parliament  Select Committee on International Development debates  on Somaliland (Click Here)












Somaliland Images  
by Yvette Lopez

Inside Somaliland by Yvette Lopez

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