Welcome Home to Nothing, Refugees Repatriate to a Forgotten Somaliland, US Committee for Refugees:
Recommendations for International Donors & NGOs From the Committe of , Governments, US Government and UN (downloadable pdf file)

Develepment - Links:
Edna Maternity Hospital
Burco Mental Health
Gollis College
Hargeisa University
Amoud University
Tawakal Lifeline
SONYO (Youth)
SOYVO (Youth)
Somaliland Youth & Develop Association SOYDA
Justin Canning - Somaliland
Ahmed's Web Blog/ HIV work
  Proposal SL Library
 Somaliland Post
 SL Universal Addressing System
Burco City Plaza Hotel
 SL Ambassador Hotel
 SL Mansoor Hotel
 SL Telecommunication
Somaliland Chamber of Commerce
Luck Star Construction
Somaliland's Social Develop. By Abdi Hasan, University of East London.
Hargeisa Water  Supply Assessment 
  Environment Protection
Welfare of SL Animals



..The Republic of Somaliland  has lost 30 yrs of their identity and history, to rebuild the whole nation will take decades, patience, dedication and a lot of miracles.;

  • "Project Proposal for Creating a National Library in the Republic of Somaliland", Davies Consulting GmbH, 27 January 1992,Davies Consulting GmbH
     [Click Here to Read]
  • "Preliminary Concept for a National Library of the Republic of Somaliland", Abdulkarim Ahmed Guleid, 1 August 1991. [Click Here to Read]