Aims and Objectives

 Why recognise Somaliland?

Recommendations for International Donors & NGOs, Governments, US Government and UN (downloadable pdf file)
As A Sucess Story, Somaliland is Africa's Best-Kept Secret by Iqbal Jhazbhay
Somaliland:  Democratisation and Its Discontents  
EU Breaks Ice on Financing Somaliland
Why recognise Somaliland?
Why the West does Not recognise Somaliland
Canadian official urges Somaliland to step up efforts for international recognition
Official Links:
Somaliland Forum
Somaliland Government



 Letters sent to World Leaders/UN/EC
1997 - 2000
Letters  sent in 1997
  • Secretary General of OAU, Adis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mr. Salim Ahmed Salim
    Title: The Secretary of the OAU must stay netural on the case of Somaliland and Somalila.
  • To the President of U.S.A His Excellency Bill Clinton (Copies were circulated to: The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom His Excellency John Major, The President of Somaliland His Excellency Mohammad H.I.Egal, The UN Secretary General Mr. Butros Ghali in USA)
Letters sent in 1998
  • To the President of the European Commission, Mr. Jacques Santar, Brussels, Belgium 
    (Copies were circulated  to  His Excellency Tony Blair the Prime Minister of the UK also acting President of the EU,  His Excellency Kofi Annan The Secretary of the UN and to the presidents of  the following countries: French Republic, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium and the US)
2001 - 2003
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