Aims and Objectives

 Why recognise Somaliland?
Facts About Somaliland

Recommendations for International Donors & NGOs, Governments, US Government and UN (downloadable pdf file)
As A Sucess Story, Somaliland is Africa's Best-Kept Secret by Iqbal Jhazbhay
Somaliland:  Democratisation and Its Discontents  
EU Breaks Ice on Financing Somaliland
Why recognise Somaliland?
Why the West does Not recognise Somaliland
Canadian official urges Somaliland to step up efforts for international recognition
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Somaliland Forum
  Somaliland Government



The Vision of SIRAG  is for Somaliland a peaceful loving nation to achieve full recognition from the International community.

Lack of recognition means Somaliland can not access multilateral development aid as well as assistance from International donors in terms of loans and investment that is desperately needed  to reconstruct Somaliland on a large scale.