Terrorist attacks on 23rd of September 2005
Elusive Terrorist Abdirahman Indho-Ade Finally In Police Custody
Somaliland Times, Issue 192, Sep.24, 2005= Hargeysa, Somaliland, 24 Sept.2005 (SL Times)-- Abdirahman Indho-Ade, one of the most wanted terrorists in the Horn of Africa was arrested yesterday by the Somaliland security forces. Indho-Ade was wounded in his right hand following a night raid by armed security police on a...
September 25, 2005
Somaliland In Transition
Insidesomaliland.blogtales.com, 24 Sept. 2005 Somaliland is on alert once again as the government declared the capture of 8 alledged terrorists in a 2 hour gun fight last night at New Hargeisa. The captured group was said to be planning an attack on government officials and foreign aid workers to avenge the..September 24, 2005 
Pentagon Warns of Rising Terror Threat in Horn of Africa Region
Six al-Qaeda suspects arrested in Somaliland
Terrorist attacks March 2004 

  Somaliland Fighting against Terrorism

Our condolences go to the staff of GTZ who have been murdered in Somaliland, The International Community must help Somaliland fight terrorism.

Anti-terror workshop kicks off Standard Correspondents


My Journey to a nation  unknown to the world
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Celebrating Peace
Clearing the Air
"This is not Somalia"
Public Uproar against Terrorism
Vigilance pays
GTZ Ambush Updates
German international NGO car ambushed

Five held over deaths of British aid workers

Five arrested over killing of aid staff
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Thwarting the menace of Islamism in the Horn of Africa
Tolerant and Intolerant Islam (Or “Peaceful Islam” versus “Militant Islam”).
Dr. Mills, Director of SA Institute of International Affairs (Researching in Somaliland) Aid could be doing more harm than good. Dr Greg Mills is the national director of the SA Institute of International Affairs. He has been researching in Somaliland
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