Somaliland has survived without the UN's recognition for the last 11 years

  • Somaliland Forum Press Release, Nairobi UN Political Office Censors Somaliland Textbooks 
    The constructive re-engagement in Somaliland by some United Nations agencies detected over the last few years is being undermined by the Nairobi based United Nations Political Office (UNPOS), whose occasional forays into Somaliland affairs have always been counterproductive, in contrast to the work of other operational UN agencies such as UNCHR, UNICEF, WHO etc. [Click Here to Read More]
  • U.N. urges restraint in tension between Somaliland and Puntland, Awdal News [Click Here to Read]
  • Somalia: call for increase in support for UN programmes. The UNHCR mission emphasised that there is now a particular window of opportunity to promote the return of up to 30,000 refugees to Somaliland and Puntland, in particular from Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen and Djibouti, 30th Jan 04 [Click Here to Read More]
Why Somaliland’s International Border with Puntland is Sacrosanct, John Drysdale,

“Somaliland’s border with Puntland dates back to the Anglo-Italian Protocol of 1894, part of which describes that section of the border with present-day Puntland as running from the intersection of 8o latitude and 48o longitude, following north-east to the intersection of 9o latitude and 49o longitude, then following that meridian northwards to the Gulf of Aden. [Click Here to Read More]

 Is UN's IRIN Media Being Used To Incite Violence, Diseminate Pro-Puntland Information!?, Somaliland Org: 

EDITORIAL: The UN Regional Information Africa website, has in the past been used to disseminate biased information against Somaliland by individuals sympathetic to what is called united Somalia. However, the drive to misuse the UN's IRIN media to advance the views of certain factions in Somalia is expected to increase in the coming weeks and months as tensions rise between Somaliland and Puntland.  Our fears to see this medium used to advance factional interests is already visible in a recent report carried by IRIN on its website [Click Here to Read ].

UN Paperclips for Somalia, Ioan M. Lewis FBA Emeritus Professor of Anthropology London School of Economics [Click Here to Read]
SIRAG,  Letter to  H.E the President of the Security Council, 7 May 2001,
  [Click Here To Read More]
UN Re-Invents Past Errors by: John Drysdale

I can't understand why the United Nations bends over backwards to re-invent ideas which were proven failures forty years ago. I refer to a bewildering document out of Djibouti and currently circulating in Hargeisa. It is genuine enough, purporting to emanate from Djibouti Conference 3, otherwise known as the Somalia National Peace Conference to be held in Djibouti from April 20-May 5, 2000. [Click Here to Read]

Press Release to Kofi Annan Somaliland Forum Press Release, July 4 2001 [Click Here To Read More]
Somaliland Forum, Media Release, Saturday, January 27, 2001 [Click to Read More]
Surviving Without the UN, Somaliland, a forgotten country by Gérard Prunier 

The UN was "offering" the newly elected president, Muhammad Ibrahim Egal, control of the Issaq region, "assigning" the regions occupied by other clans to various clan militias outside the country which their exiled representatives in Nairobi or London had managed to persuade the international community represented the local population. This astonishing scheme would inevitably lead to a renewal of clan conflict. Mr Kapungu was politely sent away to exercise his diplomatic skills elsewhere. Even so the episode has left behind a strong distrust of international "good intentions"., extract from [Click to Read More].

World History Archives , Hartford Web Publishing
  • Italy’s Myopic View of Somali Affairs Is Intolerable
    Somaliland Forum, document, 13 December 2000. For two decades (1970-1991), the government of Italy was the prime supporter of the regime of dictator Siad Barre, the very man who led the former Somali Democratic Republic down the road of ruin and civil war. After the downfall of the dictatorship, Italian intervention continued. [Click to Read More]

  • Somaliland: Ten Years of Freedom 
    Somaliland Forum press release, 18 May 2001. When the people of Somaliland returned to their homes in 1991, mostly from neighbouring Ethiopia, where they had fled en masse in 1988 from Barre of Somalia’s genocidal pogroms, they came back to a devastated land. 
    [Click to Read More]
One thorn bush at a time, Rakiya Omaar reports from Somaliland on how a peace has been quietly hatched in one of the world’s most war-torn regions

The Secretary-General of the UN has made it clear that recognition of Somaliland is not on the agenda. The war that engulfed Somalia, and the absence of a central government, have delayed the day of reckoning. No one knows what the future holds. What is certain is that UN efforts to enforce unity will spark a new war and a new tragedy for the people of Somalia and Somaliland. [Click Here to Read].