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Somaliland Heritag is an organisation that has promotes the development of the ancient heritage of Somaliland. Contact person is Mariam Ibrahim Abdi.
Somaliland's historicity and the Periplus of the Red Sea 
Underlining the historicity of modern Somaliland, a young nation that strives for international recognition, the Ancient Greek text ‘Periplus of the Red Sea’ bears witness to an independent country named ‘The Other Berberia’ within precisely the borders of modern Somaliland before almost 2000 years!
Relief in Egyptian Queen Hatsheput's mortuary temple in Luxor, depicting the chief of the Land of Punt and his wife welcoming the queen's expedition by IslamOnline.net - Muslim Cultures in Africa
Somaliland – 'The Other Berberia' according to ‘the Periplus of the Red Sea’:
As continuation of a previous article, we will go through the excerpts of the Periplus of the Red Sea that concern the area of ‘the Other Berberia’ that almost 2000 years ago was delineated within the present borders of Somaliland.


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