Somaliland Successfully Elected Parliament Today

PRESS RELEASE, Ref SLF/MRG, Somaliland Forum, 29 Sept. 2005=

The Somaliland people have elected a parliament today and it has been a long journey for Somaliland to get here. Somaliland Forum congratulates the people of Somaliland, political parties, and the government for successfully electing a parliament in a peaceful, fair and free election.

Somaliland Forum extend their appreciation and gratitude to the National Election Commission, their staff, and volunteers for the excellent work they have done to manage the election as well as those nations that had decades of experience to hold democratic elections. The Somaliland people are thankful to the National Election Commission and the work they have done today will benefit many generations to come.

The Somaliland people are extremely grateful to the international community who supported Somaliland financially to hold the elections; including the European Union and the United Kingdom in particular for providing the financial support that made it possible for Somaliland to hold the elections on time. The Somaliland people are also gratified with the presence of the local NGO’S and more than the 100 international observers who came from United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Sweden, South Africa, Norway, Kenya, and Egypt to observe the Somaliland parliamentary elections. Their presence has made a big difference in the confidence the people have in the process and the international community is waiting for their reports.

The Somaliland people are congratulating the winners of the 2005 elections and are thanking those who lost for fighting hard to get their votes and for accepting the results of the election. The elected parliamentary members have tremendous responsibility on their shoulders and the whole country is waiting for them to solve many problems that are facing the people today. The elected members will determine the pace of progress in Somaliland within the next few year and we at Somaliland Forum wish them good luck.



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