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Vigil For Haatuf Journalists by Awdal News Network
MPs Hold Inquiry After A Court Decision Allowing Prosecution Of Three Journalists Under The Penal Code:
Hargeysa, Somaliland, January 20, 2007 (SL Times) – The Somaliland’s House of the Representative’s select committee on Judicial affairs on Thursday held a hearing in which the chairman of the Supreme Court, Mohamed Hirsi Omane was questioned with regard to a Hargeysa Regional Court ruling that allowed 3 detained Journalists from the Haatuf Newspaper to be prosecuted under the penal code of Somalia instead of the country’s press law
Letter To Somaliland’s President About His Unequal Battle With Newspaper by Reporters without borders:
Justice has played very little role in what has happened with the newspaper Haatuf. Ever since the arrest of Yusuf Abdi Gabobe and Ali Abdi Dini, the entire case has been marked by unfairness, procedural irregularities, personal revenge and the denial of democratic principles. These journalists are being prosecuted by the Somaliland government on charges of “insulting” the president and his aides under the 1962 Somali criminal code, although it was superseded by the 2004 press law.
The Constitution of Somaliland must be defended. Somaliland Diaspora Women, Fatima Ali, :
We would like to remind the citizens of Somaliland especially the women, the youth and the intellectuals of Somaliland that their constitution is in crisis and they must defend it by honouring the principles that our constitution is built on, Jan,22,
Press Release – Somaliland Society UK, Re – THE DETENTION OF HAATUF JOURNALISTS:
SSUK is deeply concerned that Haatuf journalists were arrested merely for carrying out their professional duties as investigative journalists; their arrest constitutes intolerance to transparency and good governance.
The Somaliland government must release 'Haatuf"s management:
Jan 11 2007 - The Somaliland government must release 'Haatuf"s management and allow this newspaper to resume publishing without any further impediments,"., Somaliland Net
In Somaliland, jailed journalists prosecuted under archaic criminal law:
“We condemn this crackdown on journalists reporting on issues of public interest,” CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon said. “We call on authorities to drop all charges against these journalists and to stop actions that criminalize critical reporting.”
Immediate Release, SIRAG, 07 Jan, 2007 : Somaliland International Recognition Action Group(SIRAG) condemns the wrongful arrests of the executive journalists of Haatuf Media Organisation
Two journalists held in Somaliland over critical report:
“It is outrageous that dozens of police officers should storm the offices of a newspaper and haul away two journalists for writing about a public figure,” said Joel Simon, executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists. “We call on the authorities to release our colleagues Yusuf Abdi Gab
obe and Ali Abdi Dini immediately.”
Jamhuriya Online, Haatuf Network Chairman Imprisonment Condemned
Hargeisa (The Rep.) – A number of national organizations, prominent citizens, resident in both Somaliland and outside of it strongly condemned the incarceration of the Chairman of Haatuf Network and the Editor-in-Chief of Haatuf newspaper and the raid of the media organization's premises on Tuesday, January 2, calling it "illegal" and "an abrogation of justice and the constitutional freedom of expression"
Press Release: Somaliland Community, Washington DC, Jan 2007:
Mr. Gabobe, Mr. Dini, and Mr. Abdillahi have been in Jail for more than two days, and they are still behind bars for performing their constitutional duties. They deserve our support and we demand their immediate release without conditions. These actions of the government are gross violations of the constitution and it damages the good reputation of the Somaliland in the international community. These actions also make it difficult for Somaliland Diaspora to campaign for recognition and educate international community about the democratic progress that Somaliland has achieved.
Support Haatuf and Save Somaliland Democracy, Rashid Nur
Chapter 3; Article 32 of the Somaliland constitution says "The press and other media are part of the fundamental freedoms of expression and are independent. All acts to subjugate them are prohibited, and a law shall determine their regulation". At the same time the Media law number 27/2004, chapter 3, article 8.1 says "A journalist shall not be imprisoned for undertaking press activities unless otherwise ordered by a competent court".