Somaliland International Recognition Action Group(SIRAG)
London, UK

Press Release

Congratulations to the new parliament of Somaliland

SIRAG would like to congratulate Somaliland's first historical and democratically elected parliament, the newly elected speaker and the deputy
speakers of Somaliland's parliament.

On the 29th of November 2005 the president of Somaliland His Excellency Mr. Dahir Riyaale gave a historical speech which has opened a unique chapter in the history of Somaliland's quest for democracy. On such historical day the people of Somaliland have rejoiced with great joy as this day has started a new chapter of their hard earned democracy.

Somaliland is an icon for peace and democracy in the Horn of Africa. Democracy has its challenges always and Somaliland has passed yet another
great challenge with flying colours.

Somaliland is now getting ready for a new beginning full of hope with a new spirit of enlightenment recharged by the conscious of all Somalilanders wherever they may reside.

The international community is keeping a close eye on the progress of Somaliland's democracy with all its glory and challenges.

Our solidarity is with the youth of Somaliland who will be the champion leaders of tomorrow. They will grow with strength and learn from the golden
history of their nation and appreciate the power of the truth and its glory.

Our youth must see every day in its own light and challenges never giving up on the power of conscious which has its status and power in leadership.

The youth of Somaliland should get ready in reshaping their future and start learning from the challenges of Somaliland's infant democracy so that they can get ready for the greater challenges of Somaliland's post 21st century democracy.

God Bless Somaliland

Marwo Lulu Farah
Chairwoman of SIRAG